That Weather Though

That Weather Though

It’s unclear if the fall weather is always this nice in D.C., or if maybe it’s just global warming, but either way my friends and I decided we would try being outdoorsy so that we could enjoy it. Even though we’re living in the middle of a city, D.C. still has lots of recreational nature places to explore, which is probably why everyone in this city is so active. (All the runners make me feel bad about myself.) One of the sights that’s not so talked about and a little off the beaten trail (literally off a dirt trail) is the Teddy Roosevelt Memorial, which is actually an entire island preserve complete with trails and some killer views of the Potomac. Even if you’re not exactly a regular hiker (aka me) the trails are very manageable, and the island provided a peaceful and serene atmosphere that was a nice relief from the hustle and bustle of the city.


So artsy


Not really sure what's up with his pose...Is he waving? Confused.


The best part about the island though is that it’s literally just a walk across the Key Bridge to Georgetown, which is much more my style and pace. When we arrived in Georgetown there was actually a little festival going on around the neighborhood, with street performers, music and sales. Where can you go wrong? Of course most of the stores that are in Georgetown are high-end designers, so being the poor intern that I am, I didn’t quite have the funds to go shopping even with all the sales going on. I think every time I visit Georgetown, I fall more in love with the place. It’s just so nice, with its cobbled streets and young vibrant energy. The one thing about Georgetown though is there’s no metro stop, so getting there is slightly annoying, as it either requires taking a bus or walking quite a distance. I recently learned that when the metro system was being built, the residents of Georgetown actually paid to NOT have a metro stop in order to keep out the riff raff and prevent crime rates from going up (#affluence). Judging by the look of the place and by all the high-end boutiques, I would say that their snobbish move may have actually worked.


G-Town from the Key Bridge


The line for Georgetown Cupcake. LOL.


The nice weather this weekend also finally encouraged me to make it to the Eastern Market, the equivalent of a farmers market on steroids. The whole area around the market was very trendy, with lots of little restaurants and coffee shops around the central building, which housed all kinds of different types of food, both fresh and prepared. The coolest part though were all the different booths set up outside, selling everything from produce, to art, to hand knit shawls from Tibet. It’s too bad I’m not actually a real person and don’t really have my own place because I very easily could have filled it with all the cool and interesting things that they were selling there. One guy was selling custom wooden furniture made from recycled barn wood, another stand sold framed antique maps, and another had vintage magazines and advertisements for sale. Exploring around the whole area took the better part of the afternoon, and I’m glad we went while we did because I learned that this was one of the last weekends that the outdoors market will actually be open. (Weird, I guess winter is coming or something? Didn’t really notice with the 70 degree weather.)


All the food nom nom nom


Being trendy at Eastern Market (So fetch)


It’s actually unbelievable that it’s already been over two months I’ve been here. The weeks all blur together now, and my routine is so established that time is just flying. Halloween is literally a week away, and Walmart already has Christmas stuff out, and that scares me because the closer we get to Christmas the closer I am to leaving this amazing city.

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