The Most Overwhelming Time of the Year

The Most Overwhelming Time of the Year

Ahh finals season. The most dreaded and traumatizing weeks that only come once a semester. Back at school I oftentimes would be so stressed out worrying about papers, and presentations, and exams that I forgot to stop and appreciate the holiday season happening all around. Being in D.C., it’s a little easier to slow things down and appreciate the merriment and feelings of good cheer going on around me. Maybe it’s the extensive amount of decorating the city seems to take on (there are lights everywhere and a Christmas tree in every park and plaza in town) or the weather outside that’s frightful (sadly there’s no fire that’s so delightful at the RAF), but it certainly helps put me in the holiday spirit.


Now silly me thought that finals season was going to be easier this year. “I just have one class and my internship to focus on. What could possibly go wrong?” That was a cute thought.(Sometimes I forget how naïve I can be.) In addition to a final paper and presentation for my class, TWC also requires a project and presentation for your specific program. (Which I was supposed to be working on all semester...) I’m sure I’m not the first student to ever procrastinate, nor shall I be the last, but let me just say, procrastinating is much easier when you don’t have a full time internship that occupies the majority of your free time. Needless to say, I would encourage future TWC interns to be cautious about waiting until the last weeks of the program to complete all your projects and assignments because shocker, all-nighters are not a thing in the real world.


In addition to the various projects and presentations for the end of the semester, TWC requires that you submit a professional portfolio compiling all your assignments and experiences from the semester into one document. I personally think that it’s a great way to showcase your accomplishments and achievements and gives you an opportunity to reflect on your development over the course of the semester. (And it also makes you look super fancy and wicked smart.) That being said, just like your other assignments, DON'T PUT IT OFF TILL THE END. I know you’re sitting there all high and mighty thinking, “Oh wow, I’m way too smart to put off a huge assignment like that until the very end.” Well it can happen to anyone, so make sure it doesn’t happen to you. The portfolio is a huge undertaking, requiring not only assignments from earlier in the semester but also reflections on different aspects of the program, so make sure to get started early.(Literally, who knew formatting a 60-page document could take so long.)


Another tip, make sure you don’t wait until the last weekend to print it out. My friend Pat and I journeyed to Staples this morning to have our portfolios printed and bound (yeah bound, stuff’s legit right?) but found that they had so many incoming projects that we had to come back at closing time to pick them up. Well we go back at closing time, and I found that mine actually had issues with the formatting when it got printed, so it wasn’t exactly the image of perfection that I had in mind. As of right now, I am currently panicking on how to go about getting another copy made before tomorrow (when it is due) seeing as how the guy at Staples informed me that they were booked solid with orders for the next morning. Learn from my mistakes. DON’T WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE. (Update: Just printed it off at the RAF, binding place opens at 8am, I might actually pull it off!)


The less than perfect version of my portfolio (aka Plan B)

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