Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

Now don't get me wrong, I love D.C. and have had the time of my life this semester at TWC, making new friends and learning all about the real world. But honestly I was ecstatic to travel back home this week for Thanksgiving and realized there truly is no place quite like home. I've spent the duration of my college years far away from home, but there's something different about coming back from D.C. this time, and I can't quite put my finger on it.


My home is a little over five hours away from my school, so I've never really needed to travel via airplane during Thanksgiving week. Let me just tell you, if you don't have to, don't do it. Ever. It was the most miserable and excruciating thing I've ever experienced. Aren't people supposed to be happy and jolly to be going home for the holidays? Evidently all the people on my plane and sitting near me in the terminal were not because everyone was rather cranky, and I did not appreciate it. (It might have been all the delays, but hey whatcha gonna do?)


Nate Out.


Despite the delays and the unpleasantness, I made it home alive just in time for the major snowstorm that hit the northeast. (Something I didn't miss.) Unlike everyone in DC and Virginia however, New Yorkers actually know how to drive in the snow, so my week was hardly affected by the snowfall. In my opinion, it was made better by the resulting winter wonderland (except that my Night Before Thanksgiving shenanigans were interrupted, wah).


The best part of being home is getting to see my family and friends and to eat a real home cooked meal. With the semester drawing to a close my monetary funds have been running a little low, (and by that I mean I've been eating oatmeal for the past week because that's all I can afford) so being able to eat out and have a nutrient rich meal was such a relief. And of course, Thanksgiving dinner did not disappoint with all the turkey, stuffing and sides that I could physically consume before passing out. (I also helped myself to leftovers 3 different times before the weekend was over.)


During the summertime I have a job working at Tommy Hilfiger, which unfortunately requires that I help out on Black Friday. Now don't get me wrong, I appreciate Black Friday. Everybody likes a deal, and what better way to celebrate the coming holiday season than by fighting a mob to get your hands on the hottest new gift? But when did it become a thing to go shopping on Thanksgiving night? Honestly people, pull yourselves together and realize that you can wait another 12 hours before trekking out to the mall to fight the masses for that perfect gift.


There's nothing college kids love more than working at 3am...


Now that I've arrived back in D.C., it's hit me that in only two short weeks I'll be traveling home again, but this time for good. (Or maybe not, if I ever get a job down here.) They’ve already started putting up posters for checking out, and the feeling of dreaded deadlines for papers and assignments is oh too familiar at this time of the year. I’m hoping to make the most of these last two weeks here, and realize I still have so much to learn and experience before I go.

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