Started at the Bottom....and I'm Still There

Started at the Bottom....and I'm Still There

So this was it, my last week. A sad time filled with goodbyes, last chances and hours of grueling cleaning and packing, which I absolutely could have down without. After our commencement ceremony on Monday (For anyone wondering, I did indeed manage to get my immaculate portfolio in on time) I trekked up to the Hill one last time for a hearing, grabbed a fancy lunch with my office, and managed to have a little nocturnal fun too.


Before I left I was also lucky enough to attend my workplace Christmas party, an intriguing experience to say the least. The event was hosted at a very upscale venue within walking distance of the Capitol, and as per usual at these defense industry events, there were all kinds of big wigs there, including a member of Congress or two. With it being my second to last night, I must say I wasn’t exactly in the mood to network, and proceeded instead to have a fun night with my office one last time. Luckily for me however, I managed to do both at the same time, and was fortunately introduced to a former Jacques and Associates intern who by sheer happenstance was born and raised in the beautiful village of Geneseo, New York. (I know no one reading this probably knows what the odds of that are, but let’s just say I have a better chance of marrying Natalie Portman) I’ve realized that in DC you often meet the most amazing people when you least expect it, so it’s important to always be kind and courteous, and to be ready with an elevator pitch about yourself just in case. (Ya know figure out your goals and all that jazz). Of course the worst part about the Christmas party and the shenanigans that followed at Madhatter afterward were that it meant the end was here, and that it was time for goodbyes. After a round of hugs, handshakes and heartfelt farewells, I found myself on the plane back to Albany, this time for good.


Well folks, I did it. I managed to survive an entire semester in the real world. This semester certainly came with its own unique challenges, and truly has helped me to develop as a professional and as a person in more ways than one. I also managed to have a lot of fun this semester exploring the city and tasting the nightlife (More like pounding back the ightllife) and learned a few things along the way. (Don't even think about standing on the left side of that escalator people). My experience with TWC has certainly been rewarding, and has given me the skills and abilities necessary to begin developing a professional career in the near future. (Good god I hope I got a job in May). I’m truly going to miss all the friends that I have made, and certainly won’t forget the memories I’ve made here anytime soon. Thank you for taking the time to read my updates over the course of the semester, and I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Until next time DC.

-Nate Jakway

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