We Are Playing Basketball!

We Are Playing Basketball!

When I am choosing future housing, one factor that has high importance is a nearby basketball court. A constant struggle that I have living in D.C. is finding a park where I can shoot some hoops and go down memory lane of my athletic days in high school.


Basketball is by far my favorite sport to play and watch during leisure time. So, to move to NoMa and struggle to find time and a place to play has been difficult for me to process. It is common to see basketball courts every couple of blocks in NYC, and I'm used to playing in my college’s tournaments.


Well, guess what. I found one!  The park is located across from Dunbar High school on 1st and New York Avenue, a short walk from my apartment. It is a park that many locals go to on Sunday mornings to play some pick-up games. I played some great defense, had a few steals, and had about four dunks! Haha, I can’t jump that high, but I am close (kind of). It really was a lot of fun and just great to touch a basketball again. I always feel like I am in my element on any basketball court.


It’s cool to see the various basketball lingos and styles depending upon where I am. In D.C., certain plays that occur during a pick-up game are worded differently than in NYC. They have a different baller demeanor, which is more relaxed and loose. In NY, people playing basketball are more aggressive with their basketball moves and smack-talk more throughout the game. I enjoy that skill more because it is really funny to hear the things people come up with and simply entertaining to me. Yet, D.C. local ballers are not push-overs at all. They will foul you hard when you are trying do a lay-up against a big guy, which is something I saw on Sunday. The guy crashed onto the pavement, and rolled up to his feet yelling loudly because he made a nice looking lay-up with tough contact. I was impressed but decided to jump shots instead, just in case my adrenaline was not pumping as much as his. I can't wait to return next Sunday if the weather permits me to!


“Basketball is my favorite sport. They like the way I dribble up and down the court!” – Bow Wow


Peace & Love,




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