Travel the World

Travel the World

The Global Citizenship Day was an amazing experience that I was glad to have the opportunity to be a part of at TWC, especially since this a relatively new tradition started only three years ago. Kelly Eaton, the Chief Academic Officer of TWC, explained the importance of global citizenship and our impact on this world as global citizens, offering examples such as the Nebraska farmer’s soybeans mainly exported to China.


The event made me think of the interconnectedness of human beings and how we rely on each other to survive. The keynote speaker, Gary Marx, offered inspiring words mostly addressed to millennials. He told us to be the change we fathom for this world. Even if it is a specific issue for a certain country, as global citizens, it will affect the whole world. The quote that really spoke to me from his talk was “change the story that people tell themselves about the future they will live in." Simply put, it was powerful.

Then the real fun began!


The international festival really gave me a tour through almost 18 different countries’ traditions and customs. It was mind-blowing to see the talents of the people that I'm used to seeing throughout my building. These included singing a Chinese love song, a dance routine to South Korean pop music, and dancing to some bachata music. And, it was good! Of course, when people’s respective countries were on stage the uproar of excitement began. It had the World Cup atmosphere during the performances. The best way to celebrate cultural diversity and exchange is to wear your traditional clothing and scream national chants for everyone to know hear!


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