Socrates Moment

Socrates Moment

Café Philo DC: “Is It Immoral to Live Happily While Injustice Persists?"


Café Philo DC is a moderated, philosophical roundtable discussion for the general public founded by Ken Feldman in 1999. Modeled on the Parisian prototype, the event welcomes all philosophically curious people to discuss the big questions in life. Past topics include: Am I sane? Does knowledge inhibit the imagination? What is humor? Is mathematics merely a human construct? Who belongs to that voice in my head? Does freedom of choice enslave us?


When I arrived (late, of course) to the Tenley-Friendship Neighborhood Branch of the D.C. Public Library and into the 2nd floor room where the discussion was taking place, I automatically became a philosopher and began to ponder the questions of what happiness is and how it connects to our daily action and others' suffering. Not to mention, I was the only one probably under 30 in there, but "age is but a number," right?! I felt intimidated because many people were philosophy professors or intellectuals, but I spoke up for points that were important to me anyway. Afterwards, people came up to me to tell me that I added a different perspective to the question. Basically, I said that  happiness should be seen as a continuous journey. We should include the idea of gratefulness into our discourse more often as well.(To be honest, one of the other people probably said it but in really confusing philosophical words that I didn’t understand, haha).


It was really a cool event that I am glad I experienced here in D.C.!


Meet My Roommates


Since I am riding off of the adrenaline of the deep thinking from the event, I thought it would be exciting to see what quotes really resonated with my roommates. Manav, who is my 4th roommate, went sightseeing at Niagara Falls this weekend, so I substituted Jordan (aka our 5th roommate) in for Manav. Jordan never leaves our room. He loves us!  You will meet Manav another time!


“Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work.” - (Alex)


My Russian Brother! Alex!


“Stop quoting laws to us, we have swords” - (Ethan)


The Teddy Bear


“If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you will never will change the outcome”- (Jordan)


Florida Invasion! Jordan!

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