Gobble Gobble!

Gobble Gobble!

I absolutely in love with Thanksgiving because I am able to experience the three f’s: food, family, and football. My aunt’s cooking is what makes me really excited to go home to New York City. I purposely do not eat the whole day until the massive feast is ready for me. This year, I decided to travel on Thanksgiving in the morning to NYC, which was supposed to be a four and half hour ride.  However, the Greyhound driver must have had food waiting for her at home, so she drove very fast cutting our arrival time by an hour. Basically, the driver pulled into the terminal, and rushed off the bus. Well, I don’t blame her because I was extremely hungry trying to save as much space as possible for the home cooking.

This was my first time being back in NYC, and it felt like I'd never left! I missed the hustle and bustle, the assortment of individuals, and my bed. My aunt welcome me back with a huge hug and a plate of macaroni, stuffing, turkey (of course), roast beef, rice, and my absolute favorite, CANDIED YAMS! I expressed my gratitude for my aunt by eating every piece of food on my plate. I also expressed my gratitude by taking her advice to go get a haircut immediately! I have not received a haircut since early October because I wanted to wait until I went home to go to my favorite barber, Mac. He is really a cool guy, who is a great barber. I always tell him he needs to get his own shop because he has a lot of clients and could make it on his own. Either way, he turned me from a barbarian into a human-being again.


Thanksgiving consisted of my receiving a wholesome meal, great football, and time to spend with my little cousins, who are all growing up in front of my eyes. And, of course, the best part of Thanksgiving is the next day when your breakfast is Thanksgiving leftovers!


Peace & Love,


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