Dickinson College Invasion

Dickinson College Invasion

Fall Pause

For my home institution, Dickinson College, students have a short and needed break after our mid-terms, which started this past Friday and continues to this upcoming Wednesday. Most students at my school used this time to go home and go sleep in their familiar beds and taste some home-cooked food for a few days, but a few friends carpooling to New York decided to postpone their date with their mama’s home-cooked food to come to Washington, D.C. for a weekend.

Also, my special friend, Brittany Barker, (cough, girlfriend, cough) came to visit. There were a lot of smiles and laughs showing her around!  This was by far, the best weekend I had since I have been here!

It was surprising to me to see that I knew cool stuff about D.C. to share with my friends. Of course, Sarah and Erik were all in love with my nice apartment and spacious room compared to our dorms, haha. Also, I took Brittany to TD Burger aka Best DC Burger across the street from the building and to a Wizards basketball game at the Verizon Center. Since it is still preseason, we got great seats for a nosebleed seat price, which was awesome! When we went to TD Burger, it was perfect timing to grab a burger because it was karaoke night on Friday. I wanted to show my vocal skills that I sharpened during my shower time, but Brittany stopped me from stepping up to the stage. She has no faith in my singing ability. But it was great to sit down with her this weekend and show her everything I've experienced in D.C. that I've spoken about over the phone.

We all went to see the Lincoln, Washington, and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorials at night on Saturday, and then we got lost trying to find the train station. That’s when I also lost my Washingtonian title, and we decided to get in a cab! Then we caught a movie and dinner at Gallery Place—Chinatown.

This weekend was simply full of good  vibes and laughs.

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Photo Cred: Brittany Barker


Wizards Game!



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