Still Trying To Reflect

Still Trying To Reflect

In the spirit of TWC activities, I will attempt to reflect upon my experiences of this week. My general reflections of the past week have been that it was quite cold and that I was really busy.

Getting Colder

Temperatures for the most part were around the freezing mark this week. The heating system at my internship site was a little broken, so a few of us interns were working next to space heaters. Space heaters work pretty well, but only if you are super close to them. A problem arises when one part of your body gets burning hot from the heat being concentrated on it, while the other parts are freezing cold. We were told that the furnace would get fixed by next week, so hopefully things will be okay then and the weather won’t be too extreme.

Course and Programming Update

My academic course is going well. The second class paper is complete, and we only have a final exam left. Better get studying this week!


I am happy to say that our group project for the foreign policy brief is nearing completion. We finished our PowerPoint slides today which was a relief considering how many components we needed to follow. Google Docs is a great thing!


Weekly programming for this week is a bit different since we get to leave the RAF and put the Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series behind us! Some of the  International Affairs group will be going to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a foreign-policy think tank for a panel event on the Middle East.

Eating Out in D.C.

As a sidenote, I will talk about some of the opportunities I get to eat out, as my time here in D.C. isn’t just spent working. I usually like to go out to eat during the weekends. Cooking for yourself can be fun, but sometimes you just want a break from it. For a few weekends, I have been going out to brunch with my “Brunch Crew”. I would like to thank each of them for accompanying me! Here are some photos of what we ate:


Homemade brown sugar pop tarts at Ted’s Bulletin (the blueberry cheesecake pop tart was amazing too!)


Pasta counts as brunch food, right?


More traditional brunch food in the form of an omelette


I also have a “Sunday Dinner Crew” that I go out to eat with. It is basically the group that I am working on the foreign policy brief with since we have group meetings on Sunday nights, and it’s just convenient to go out for dinner afterwards. I would say we have been quite diverse with our food choices!


Po'boy sandwich (And we even got free dessert afterwards!)


TD Burger across the street from the RAF (Have you ever had a burger with a fried egg in it?)


Ramen with some members of the Sunday Dinner Crew at Toki Underground


Korean bibimbap at Mandu


I hope I didn’t make you too hungry with the photos. Next week is Thanksgiving weekend, so bring on the turkey and pumpkin pies!

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