Philadelphia in a Day

Philadelphia in a Day

One of the best parts about D.C. is that it is close to other large cities in the United States.  Since it is Columbus Day weekend, I decided to venture to Philadelphia for a daytrip along with a few other TWC students.  To offer a quick summary, there’s more to Philadelphia than things related to the founding of the country.

The Trip

The day started super early since our bus left at 7 am. The bus was a double-decker which I would say is quite cool since we don’t have those back home in Calgary. I guess the 3 hour ride was mostly pleasant, except for one factor which I will not be discussing.  Haha.  After a rainy journey through Maryland and Delaware, we arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

First stop was the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University. They had a chocolate exhibit that just opened, so we were all really intrigued to see what it was about.  In the end, we learned about the history of chocolate, how the cocoa is extracted, and the chocolate industry. We also got to try some samples of chocolate. I’ve got to say that dark chocolate is probably my favourite and pure unsweetened chocolate tastes terrible.


Posing with the giant chocolates!


Then we all went down to the Independence National Historic Park.  This is where the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the First Bank of the United States are located.  Although I am not American, it was still exciting to see the attractions since the United States has such a fascinating history.


The Liberty Bell and its distinctive crack


Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed


Next was lunch, and obviously we got a Philly cheesesteak.  I don’t usually eat beef, but it was quite good.  I think Philadelphia has quite a nice city hall.  The architecture is really distinct from the buildings around it.  You can see the tower topped by the William Penn statue almost everywhere in the city.


City Hall


Across the street was the LOVE Park, or officially, the JFK Plaza. Why the LOVE Park, you ask?  Well, it has the LOVE sculpture that everyone probably knows.


The sculpture


Finally, I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I think most people know the museum because it is where Rocky runs up the stairs in the movie. *cue Rocky theme song* Just going on Google Maps, you can search Rocky Steps, and it gives you the museum. Anyway, there were tons of people sprinting up the stairs and cheering when they got to the top. At the top, there is a great view of Philadelphia.


The Rocky Steps. Do they look familiar?



There's the Rocky statue and a line up for it.


I would say that was a pretty successful trip to Philadelphia. Ending off, I got the feeling that Philadelphia is a good city for wedding photography since every place I went to had a wedding party shooting their photos. Walking around Independence Hall. Wedding party. At the LOVE statue. Obvious wedding party. Random public fountain. Again, wedding party. Yes, even at the Rocky Steps. Wedding party.

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