One Final Week

One Final Week

So it's true: time flies. We have now reached the final week here at TWC. I still feel as though there is a lot left to do and so many things that I still want to see. This past week has been a mad scramble between finishing assignments at my internship, studying for my final exam, and putting together my portfolio. It’s almost like exam week back at university.



So the commencement ceremony for our semester is tomorrow.  I still remember the first day when we had orientation and they said that before we knew it, we would be at the end of the semester. It’s hard to believe that I have spent almost four months here in D.C. since it has been so much fun. I have learned how to live independently, which I would hope is an important life skill! Before the ceremony, we have to hand in our portfolios. I will admit that it wasn’t the easiest thing to put together, probably just because of formatting.  After a lot of trial and error, I finally figured out how to put pages with different margins into a single document in Word. I wouldn’t say I am particularly good at technology, so Google ended up being my best friend! The final product is about 70 pages and coiled. I am almost done with all things except studying for my final exam on Tuesday.  Hopefully everything will go well, and after Tuesday I will be stress free!


My professionally bound portfolio (too bad I couldn’t figure out how to align the page numbers, haha!)


Will I Miss D.C.?

A couple of people have asked if I will miss D.C. once I leave. I don’t really know for sure, but I will definitely miss the routine that I had everyday going to my internship and all the people that I have gotten to work with. I will miss waiting every morning in the lobby for Galina and then taking three modes of transportation to my workplace! I will also miss walking up to our building every day since the surroundings are so beautiful.


I'll miss walking down this path everyday.


All of my roommates that I have spent the last semester with have been awesome. I will miss them since it is almost like they have become my family here.  One thing I will always remember is how they tease me about my pronunciation of “pasta”.  Well, I guess Canadians pronounce it differently. I suppose if I ever go to Florida, I could visit two of my roommates, and I am going to South Korea soon, so hopefully I will see Ji-hye there!

I guess what I got from this was that I will probably miss the people the most. I think it’s good not to have the mindset that it will be the final time you ever get to visit a place since there is always an opportunity to return. However, people from TWC are from all over the world so it may be harder to see them, although there is always social media nowadays.

In some ways, I will miss the city because I feel as though I just got to know it well. I have pretty much figured out the entire Metro system which I am proud of. No more looking at maps or phone apps. I also know some pretty good sites to see and places to eat. So next time I visit, I hope I will still remember this.


The best brunch I have ever had in my life at Founding Farmers!



What I am not looking forward to is packing up all my stuff. It’s not that I bought a lot of things here, it’s just trying to organize it all so that it will fit. Somehow, I ended up receiving four different coffee mugs here in D.C. Those will probably be hard to pack home.

The Washington Monument

So I have had a little bit of free time over the past few weeks, and this is what I have done. Going to the top of the Washington Monument was probably my favourite. I went really early to stand in line for a free ticket. Luckily, it was a clear day when I went so the views were spectacular. Photos don’t really do it justice.


Looking towards Maryland


The National Mall, Smithsonian museums, and Capitol


The National World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and Arlington, Virginia


To end off, it has been a ton of fun blogging this semester and I hope that anyone who read my blog has enjoyed it. A lot has happened and much of it went by like a blur, but this blog has really helped me keep track of what I got to do here. Being here in D.C. has probably been one of the best experiences in my life. Maybe it has even been “transformational”!

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