Networking Crash Course

Networking Crash Course

Being in D.C. has really exposed me to a lot of organizations and people in the relevant fields that I would like to potentially work in. Combined with the assignments from TWC and the various events that are hosted, my time here has been a crash course in networking.

Before I came to D.C., I was at another internship in the summer where I was lucky enough to have my supervisor give seminars on networking and informational interviews. These skills definitely came into good use during my time here, and I am grateful for that.

So a few tips I received were to be confident and not go in with the mindset of rejection or failure. I found most people in D.C. were very warm and open to having an informational interview done.  Maybe it has a little bit to do with the culture of D.C. since people really proud of their occupations and like to talk about them. Also, D.C. is really a place where it is about who you know and the connections that you gain. It was surprising to me how many people I’ve met knew someone from Calgary and actually worked with people that I knew!


Informational Interviews

Regarding informational interviews, it is always important to remember that the objective is to gain knowledge about the person’s occupation and the field. Questions about how they got there are also important since you can learn about what you would need to do to work in that field. For me, coming with a prepared list of a few questions helped me out a lot. I focused on what I really wanted to know about the person’s job and the field.

I got to go to the Embassy of Canada a few times, and it was great. All the people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting were very nice and open to talking to the Canadian TWC students about what they do and future prospects.


The Canadian embassy is in a prime location on Pennsylvania Avenue



Networking events are quite interesting. I went to the ConnectTWC event where TWC brings in some alumni who are working in D.C. in various fields. It was fun seeing where some of the past TWC students ended up, and they all seem to enjoy what they are doing now. Not only did I meet some professionals working in various fields here in D.C., but it was also an opportunity to meet other TWC students in my program. The surprise of the night was that one professional that I was talking to has a roommate that graduated from my university!


At ConnectTWC with new friends


Look at all the networking!


Ending off, you never really know where you will meet people here in D.C. It can be more obvious like at networking events, or just with talking to people at think tanks and galas. Networking has actually been pretty fun, and I probably still would have done it regardless if I had an assignment on it or not. Often times, you have to take the initiative and find the opportunities for yourself. It’s nice to know that even though I am thousands of kilometers away from home and in a different country, there are still people here from my hometown and who also know people who I have worked with. It truly is a small world.

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