Brunch to Basketball: Some of My Favourite Things

Brunch to Basketball: Some of My Favourite Things

Just a warning, there are quite a few photos in this post!  Here are some of my favourite places to visit/things to do in D.C. so far.

Tidal Basin

The Tidal Basin is the large reservoir south of the National Mall. There are numerous memorials surrounding the Tidal Basin, all of which are worth a visit.  It seems that not many people venture out to the area since it is a little bit off the National Mall. That being said, it is probably one of my favourite areas in D.C. because it is calm and not packed with people which makes it easy to escape the fast pace of the city. The path that surrounds the Tidal Basin has trees extending over it, which probably look quite nice in the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom. If you would like a nice area to walk and see a few sites, I would definitely suggest the Tidal Basin. You can even rent paddle boats and go around the water.


The Tidal Basin from the Jefferson Memorial


The Jefferson Memorial


The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial (that is FDR's dog, Fala!)


Washington National Cathedral

If I was ever to move to D.C., I would love to live in Woodley Park. It’s a historic area with really beautiful homes and parks. But anyways, back to the point. My friend and I decided to go to the Washington National Cathedral which required a walk through the Woodley Park neighbourhood. After about 10 minutes of walking, we saw the spires peeking out from the tops of the trees. You can feel the cathedral’s presence when you walk up to it, since it is so tall and distinct. Walking inside the cathedral, I almost felt like I was in Europe. The only difference was that the cathedral finished construction in 1990, and thus, has many modern elements such as the stained glass windows that depict scenes relating to modern American culture or events, and the Darth Vader gargoyle.


Obviously, it's really big and the entire cathedral wouldn't fit into the shot.(There's me.)


Here's the rest of it.


This is a view of the rose window from inside.


Somewhere in this photo is the Darth Vader gargoyle.


Washington Wizards Basketball

So another sports outing happened. This time, I decided to go see the Washington Wizards play the Detroit Pistons. Even though it was preseason, the game was really tense up until the final minute. The Wizards ended up winning by 2 points, which was scored with a pretty amazing slam dunk. This also ended up happening…


Free chicken sandwich???


The crowd started booing the other team’s free throw shooter pretty loud since everyone wanted the free chicken sandwich. Well, I guess it worked since the stadium went crazy when a player on the Pistons missed both their free throws. Bad news is that most of the restaurants are not even in the city.


The game


More Museums

If you didn’t already know, D.C. is full of museums, many of which have free entry. I am sure most people visit the well know museums such as the Air and Space Museum and the Natural History Museum, but some of my favourites are less well known. My favorite is probably the National Postal Museum. I guess I have always been intrigued by how mail is delivered. Also, they have an exhibit on stamp collecting where you can bring home some stamps from all over the world.


Mailboxes from around the world (Canada looks familiar!)

Another museum that I enjoyed was the National Portrait Gallery/Smithsonian American Art Museum (they share a building). There is everything from portraits of former Presidents to photorealist paintings. Also, the top floor has some really interesting modern art installations.


The indoor courtyard of the National Portrait Gallery


Some of the more modern stuff


For more contemporary and modern art, there is the Hirshhorn Museum. I personally really enjoyed the second floor which was a digital/video exhibition. Some of the video installations are really difficult to describe, so you will have to go see it for yourself (one word: watermelons). Other things were also questionable.


I don't know what to think about this...


...or this...


...or this.


White House Fall Garden Tour

The White House gardens are opened to the public twice a year, and this week I was able to go and see them for myself. After lining up really early in the cold, we finally got in. There were a ton of people taking photos everywhere, and I probably got asked to take other people’s photos about 5 times. It’s quite an amazing feeling being so close to such an iconic symbol of the United States. The vegetable garden itself was quite diverse.  There was everything ranging from peanuts, to cucumbers, to herbs being grown.


Got my ticket ready!


With my friend Christine


The vegetable garden



Finally, brunch happened.  Weekend brunch is quite a big thing here in D.C. I went to a French restaurant with a group from TWC and had a nice time catching up. If anyone has suggestions on where to go next for brunch, please tell me!


Yay, fries for breakfast!

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