Boo! It's Halloween!

Boo! It's Halloween!

This past week was the last in October, which means that Halloween happened. Amongst other things, it was really fun learning about Halloween customs in different countries from all the foreign TWC students. This post is going to be about some of the Halloween related things I did here in D.C.


Volunteering with the YMCA

As part of my TWC civic engagement project, I volunteered at the YMCA Capital View in southeast D.C. helping to set up the Halloween haunted house. I got to help out along with two other students from TWC.  Most of the tasks involved hanging up Halloween decorations, as well as being creative in designing the space for the kids to go through. My favourite part was putting up the spider webs throughout the room and outside.  When we finished decorating, the space looked pretty legit. There were strobe lights, all the walls were blacked out, people were dressed in creepy costumes, and fake blood was splattered everywhere. Although we did not stay to see the kids run through the haunted house, I am sure they had a good and scary time!


The room being set up


Some of the decorations


The creepy outside section complete with scarecrows and spiderwebs


Pumpkin Carving

So my roommate bought a pumpkin for our apartment. It was sitting in the corner of the apartment for a week, and then we decided to carve it. As for our design, it’s quite nerdy. I hope you get it. We didn’t want to do anything super fancy, so we decided on something that was easy to carve.


Our lonely pumpkin in the corner of our apartment


Scooping the pumpkin out


It's a pumpkin pi!


Fright at the Museum

Finally, what’s Halloween without going to a haunted house? My roommate and I went to the National Museum of Crime & Punishment for their Fright at the Museum event. We found a discount for the event, so we thought, why not?


The premise was supposed to be that the ghosts of prisoners that had been executed on the electric chair had arrived in the museum


I will say that it was a good way to spend Friday night. Groups of six people went in to the museum at a time, and people would essentially pop out of nowhere in the dark and try to scare you with chainsaws and other props. I don’t really know if I was scared of most of it, since it became predictable that people would continue popping out to scare you. In the end, the electric chair ghost story became lost in the haunted house. I don’t think we ever saw the electric chair in the museum and we were being greeted by clowns and grim reapers which had nothing to do with the story, haha!

Ending off, I will now probably head to Giant and get some of the discounted Halloween candy.

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