Love Is in the Air!

Love Is in the Air!

When I said goodbye to Belgium, it was pretty chilly and rainy outside. When the airplane landed in Washington, D.C. (Washington Dulles International Airport to be more specific), it was so sunny that it hurt my eyes. Moreover, it was so hot that I almost melted. Let's just say that it took a while before I got used to D.C.'s climate. Between the TWC apartments and my internship site (since you are a big fan of my blog, you obviously know it is in Virginia), there is a 35 minute metro ride and a 15 minute walk. Believe me, trying not to melt while walking for 15 minutes, wearing a dark suit, when it's more than 30°C (86°F)  with the sun burning… let's just say you would prefer some kind of swimming pool connection between both points.


Anyway, more recently, the weather has changed dramatically. And then it changed again. It went from incredibly hot, to pretty cold and rainy, to pretty hot. It's like the weather gods can't make up their minds. Or maybe they just disagree with each other, and the weather depends on who wins the daily weather gods fight. This should be the topic of my next research paper! My point is that I am not really getting the weather in Washington D.C. The climate really varies.


Sometimes it's like you're in a desert...


We also have a little waterfall...


...that goes to a cute little lake!


Some parts of D.C. look like a jungle...


As do other parts...


While other parts look like my grandmother's living room.


They tried to make a map to explain the different climate zones,

but I still don't understand how you can have so many different climates in such a small area.


Anyway, the weather seems to change dramatically every few hours. Although it has been nice and sunny while I'm writing this, it was incredibly rainy and cold outside a few days ago. That is when I decided to ask for some advice. During my time here, I have noticed that several people started to like each other. A lot. Several people seem to have found the love of their life, thanks to the TWC program. Except me. I decided that this had to change, and since I am very eager to learn, I asked a great friend (and I can't stress both words enough) of mine for some advice. You should know that the person I am talking about is very intelligent and has accomplished a lot in her life, considering she is only 22. She is in an incredibly long relationship herself and combines this with a GPA that is more impressive than the Burj Khalifa during sunset.


Seriously, this is beautiful!


Anyway, you probably get my point now. She's the right person to talk to. I figured if she couldn't help me, I was beyond saving. As I like to respect everyone's anonymity, she will be referred to as M.A.L.A. Here you find a transcript of our conversation.


Me: "So, how come I seem to scare girls away?"

M.A.L.A: "Well, I think it would help if you didn't introduce yourself as 'Hi, I'm Bram from Belgium, and we have nuclear weapons!'"

Me: "What do you mean? You don't think that's a good introduction?"

M.A.L.A: "No, it makes you sound really weird and creepy!"

Me: "Really? But..."

M.A.L.A: "Seriously, just stop saying that!"

Me: "Fine..."


I was really happy that she pointed out that I didn't make a great first impression using that introduction. After thinking about it for a while, I actually agreed that I had to change it, and so I immediately did! Now I use: "Hi, I'm Bram from Belgium, and one of our kings killed around 10 million people in our former colony!" However, no luck so far...


You Zany Americans

Well, Egypt really is far away and building a pyramid can't be difficult right?

The building in the middle will obviously fall down at some point,

but the architect already included a structure to catch it!

Apparently, my last blog post was noticed by some members of the Puerto Rican group at TWC. This resulted in a serious increase of my readers. This means that instead of just my mother, there are other people who also try to read all this. Because I want to convince my Puerto Rican readers to keep reading, and also because I am secretely hoping to get invited for an official state visit, I will from now on also include a weekly fun Puerto Rican fact! Together with a fun fact about Belgium, because you know, I can! Also, every Tuesday and Thursday I will be available for signatures and photoshoots!


Did you know that the only tropical rain forest in the U.S. is located in Puerto Rico?

Did you know that Brussels Airport in Belgium is the biggest chocolate selling point in the world?


Well, I bet you didn't know that!

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