NoMa Gosh!

NoMa Gosh!

As my instructor for the Washington and the World class told us on the first day, there is a best way to get to know the material that you learn. First, you see it as someone that has never seen it before would see it. Then, you become more acquainted with it, and you learn the material at a deeper level. This continues until you are able to look at something from the inside out, know both places, and help those that have not reached as far in for knowledge. Although this is a principle that I heard in class first, it was also introduced to me in another setting recently, the amazing Yoga NoMa studio that has become a center point of my life. If anyone has taken yoga before, you will know that this sounds like it could get incredibly expensive, but right now the studio has a deal going on for first timers to the studio. For 30 days unlimited practice, it is only $30. This is the best deal I have ever seen in yoga. Stepping into this studio is not just a way to work out but a way to connect further with the community and to find that deeper place in yourself on and off the mat.



The biggest complaint about cities is often that you do not feel a sense of community. Having The Washington Center's housing facility lessens the blow of this a bit, but if you leave yourself to just this then you are not tapping into the potential that is available in NoMa. This is a neighborhood that is dedicated to the positive benefits of a community on the mind and the spirit of individuals. The studio gave a few free classes at the Flats while it was still warm, but four days ago they moved classes into their studio that is only four blocks away from The Washington Center. It has been very fun running into my fellow yogis that are getting off work or are walking their dogs, even if we did not say hi or meet each other in class, here we open up dialogue. If you are looking for a way to get to know the amazing community that The Washington Center is planted in, check out this studio and some of the other amazing events that are going on in NoMa this month. There is also a free pumpkin carving festival coming up soon.


Another great time with a day spent with the Mexico 100 program students.


Abigail Tardif



Abigail is from Texas Christian University, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Religious Studies. She is currently interning at Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association, in their legislative office, with a bunch of lobbyists. It is a very small office, so she wears a lot of different hats. She does some letter writing, a lot of work with spreadsheets, goes to hearings with her boss, does some clerical work and also helps with the event planning. The main reason she picked this office was so she could get a better picture of the life of a lobbyist. Over the past couple of weeks, it has been interesting because she has really seen all the congressmen calling and asking for donations. The group donates money to senators and representatives that support legislation related to them. After her experience, Abigail thinks that she would like to have a job like her boss. They frequently go to networking dinners and lunches. Sitting down and having those conversations for support gives them the opportunity to meet many people who are working on the same issues.

Would you like to be famous?


When Abigail was younger, she did not want to be famous but she wanted to sing. Now though, she knows  the work she wants to do would not bring her fame, but that's okay with her because she would much rather be known within her field for the good work she does.

What is one challenge that you have faced this semester and how did you overcome it?

The hardest thing for her is not getting to see her family. She has never had to go so long without seeing any of them. At school in Texas she gets to fly back four times a semester, and although you do not think about it, the distance between California and the east coast is about as far as the distance between the east coast and Europe. The flights cost about the same too. To get through this, she is going half the distance to visit her second family that she has made at TCU and is going to get a group of new friends together to have a thanksgiving meal here in DC.

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