It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that Swing!

It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got that Swing!

Can you jive,
can you dive,
can you rockabilly or lindy,
balboa or blues?
If not, it does not matter, just bring your dancing shoes!
(Dancing shoes include all shoes that don’t fall off your feet)

If you never have before then do not worry
because everyone learns to dance on the floor,
step by step and dance by dance.
That is the culture in most every dance place I have chanced.

Lindy hop on Tuesdays, at the Jam Cellar.
And single ladies you do not need a feller!
For those that like it slow
Angle’s Adams Morgan on Wednesday, 9:30 with blues.
And at all places there are small dues!

Jump up and down and dance all around,
D.C. has dances every day of the week, I have found.



MRS office all the way down in Freidricksberg.

Thiago Kunis

Thiago is coming from Dontificao Catholic University of San Palo. This semester he is interning at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace which is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to creating further cooperation among nations and promoting active international engagement by the U.S. His main job is to do research and then write memos, and the main topic is usually the European Union. These all stay inside the organization and are sent to his supervisor.


What is your definition of a leader?

For Thiago, a leader connotes action. A leader does not just sit and think about what he wants to change but goes out there and does it. He is able to connect the dots quickly enough to be able to see a common goal that he can bring everyone around.  He should not be rash though. If there is something that has been done wrong, a leader is also the first one to admit his part.

What has been your biggest challenge this semester, and how have you overcome it?

Over the course of the semester, he has had to do a lot of technical reading that can get really boring. He found though, reading something for one hour and then switching tasks keeps things interesting and helps him process all of the information that he goes through in a day.


Zhu Chenxue

Zhu, or Candice as she has gone by here in the U.S., attends Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics but is originally from Wuhan, China. She is majoring in International Accounting and focusing on GAAP and IFRS. At her internship, she is the accountant for Study Sparkz, an in-home tutoring service.  To perform her job, she uses QuickBooks, an online accounting software.  The one thing that she wishes she would have done though is negotiated for a more flexible schedule.

What are your top three values that you live your life by?

Always stay open, stay curious, and learn from the past. The reason these are her top values are because she thinks they contributed the most to where she has found herself, and they are factors that are vital to being a leader. She is curious, and that is why she is good at grabbing opportunities. An example is TWC. When she learned about the opportunity, she knew she had to do it but she would not have enjoyed the international interactions as much if she had not  stayed open-minded.

What challenge have you faced this semester, and how did you overcome it?

The culture difference has been hard. It is not because of communication as she feared might happen, but there are many different aspects of social interactions that she has had to get used to. Most of these have been small, but they add up.  For example, when she first saw a dog in the metro she got really excited to pet the it, but someone told her that she was not supposed to because it was a seeing eye dog.  She felt really bad about not knowing this rule. Some other interactions have been big. An example of this was when she was coming home after a long day and she had someone make a racist remark to her.  Almost immediately after, she started crying. She cried until she got back to the RAF, and her roommate was able to comfort her. The thing about these troubles is that for every tough moment, there has been another moment of complete happiness.

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