Home Again, Home Again

Home Again, Home Again

Home. Although the place the word represents changes, the meaning never does. As Verlyn Klinkenborg said, it is a way of organizing space in our mind, and it is the place that we can never see with a stranger’s eyes for more than a moment. For me, it deals more with a sense of myself and with a feeling I get from the people around me. It is the place where you don’t feel tension in your neck or shoulders, and your heart rate slows. You feel safe and grateful because all of those around you have your best interests in mind. This being said, I feel that home can be created among people that were once strangers. These people will have transformed you, and you will have helped transform them in such a way that you will never be able to see but for a moment the way that a stranger would see them. This is the feeling that I have coming back among my peers after the long weekend.


Sad day leaving D.C.


Until I saw traces of the path I know again.



And there were friends to take me along the way.

Major Ma

Major is a student at Dickinson College and is studying International Studies, Law & Policy. She had a unique childhood by being able to travel the world. She is originally from Chengdu, China but moved to Singapore during middle school and now is in Pennsylvania for college. She is working at an immigration law firm. The focus of the firm it to help foreign nationals so they can get a legal visas, may it be through marriage or employment. She is currently working in the position as a paralegal to help two attorneys gather forms and documentations to file for each visa. The most difficult part is that every case requires different evidence, so this has been the most challenging thing to remember. Major chose her internship because she felt it was the perfect balance of both her majors.


If you could pick any superpower which would you pick and why?

If it was only one, she would pick invisibility, so she could save the world without the need of a mask to help.

What is the most challenging thing you have experienced this semester, and how did you overcome it?

Time management. There is a lot that needs to be done for the program, and Major feels like she has a constant fight against the monsters of time and work. In addition to her internship, she is trying to study for the LSAT and is doing a 30 page paper so that this experience can count toward college credit, as well as trying to apply to internships for next semester. Despite all of this, she still tries to create leisure time for herself and tries to enjoy the little moments of freedom.

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