So Much to See, So Little Time

So Much to See, So Little Time

It's interesting to see how others and I have adapted to Washington so far. I love not driving, coming from a place where one has to drive to get anywhere, but I hate weekend travels on the metro. I love being able to pass by government buildings and monuments daily as I walk to work. I'm pretty much in love with D.C.


First Class Outing

Last Wednesday, my class and I met up at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, the second largest government building in Washington after the Pentagon, to eat dinner before beginning our adventure around town. The food court caters to everyone's taste; there is a variety. Also, if you are looking for a place with gelato, there's a place in the food court that sells it.



The area where the International Trade Center stands used to be the redlight district of Washington. Across the street from the bulding there's an area that maps the Capitol Hill area. Our professor, Dr. Gueli, took us there in order to speak about the area. Pennsylvania Avenue is the widest road, and it is one of the roads named after states that radiates from the Capitol.



Dr. Gueli sharing her vast knowledge on the city's history.


After giving some background history, we walked toward the Willard Hotel. The hotel has been there since the 1850s, and it was the place where reporters got news. When you walk into the hotel and look up, the seals of the states are on the ceiling. I didn't have to do much searching for my state's seal. It was so close to where we were standing to listen to the history of the hotel.




We walked down "Peacock Alley," the hall that leads to the entrance from another street. The hall was called Peacock Alley because of the dresses that the women wore. The hotel is so beautiful. I wish I could imagine staying in this hotel in the late 1800s.




After walking through the Willard Hotel, we made our way to the White House. I don't know how many times I have been by the White House, but I'm sure it has been over five times by now. It actually never gets old though. When we arrived, peers who have not seen the White House commented on how small it looked in person. We took a class picture in front of it. I wonder how it turned out. Then, we made our way to the Octagon House.



The Octagon House is not in the shape of an octagon. They aren't even sure why it is called the Octagon House. It was basically the temporary White House after the White House was burned during the War of 1812. The Treaty of Ghent was signed in that house. It was too bad that the museum was closed.


We had to leave soon after visiting the Octagon House because a storm was coming, which was funny because during the War of 1812, the British soldiers left Washington after setting it on fire because of a storm that produced a few tornados.


It was a good first outing for the class since it was not hot. I look forward to more class adventures. The next place we will be visiting... Georgetown!


Night at the Capitol


Friday night, a few friends and I went out to eat and then walked around the Capitol. It was my first time being at the Capitol since I've been here. We also walked by the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court. Then, we walked back to the RAF. I didn't realize how close the RAF was to the Capitol. Luckily, it didn't rain.


Work was stressful Friday, so it was nice to walk around and sightsee.


I recommend trying different types of foods that may not be offered in your home city. I also recommend trying local places in Washington, since obviously it will be a unique experience.


Library of Congress

I was supposed to spend Saturday completing assignments...

I ended up going out to eat lunch at Good Stuff Eatery (I got a burger, and my friends and I shared a delicious red velvet milkshake) and visiting the Library of Congress as well as the Capitol once again. Next time I go to the Capitol, I need to go inside.







My friends and I went by the Madison building of the Library of Congress, and we liked this quote.



The Library of Congress is a pretty impressive building with impressive exhibits. It was neat to see Jefferson's library collection. We spent nearly 2 hours there. I need to register for a card so that I can use the reading room to study!




There's a nice grass area near the Capitol that I suggest people visit to play ultimate frisbee or any other sport. It's a great place to have a picnic. Hopefully, it will be cool enough one day for my friends and I to have a picnic.




I spy...


Another enjoyable week has passed, but now I must complete my assignments.


I hope everyone has been having a good time in the District so far!


Until next time!




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