So Close

So Close

There are only three more weeks until the end of my internship and the end of my time in Washington, D.C. I still have so many tourist-y things to do while I am here, but getting to do them is difficult considering it literally takes a whole day to go through one museum. Also, it's difficult to do everything you want when you also have to be responsible. How great would it be if I could just be solely a tourist for two months? However, that is not my reality...


As usual, I will give you an update of my week, starting with programming.


Monday's Simpson-Mineta


For this week, the guests were really tailored for those who are interested in politics as well as media. The guests were political reporters from major news sources such as the Washington Post. Unlike the previous Simpson-Mineta event, the guests did not have an argument. It was almost as if the guests had the same views.


National Building Museum


What a beautiful design.


For the Science, Technology, and Society programming, we attended a lecture/seminar at the National Building Museum on urban ecology. This topic is interesting to me since it can be a health, environmental, social, and aesthetic issue. The speaker talked about having parks or seating areas of furniture made from recycled items in urban environments. He talked about how some places do not have parks or many trees, but it would be beneficial to have a Central Park in other cities.


After the talk, I did not walk around the National Building Museum. I decided to go elsewhere.


National Portrait Gallery


So in awe.


Since I was on F street, I decided to walk toward another museum that I had passed by the other day after programming, the National Portrait Gallery. I have now visited two Smithsonian museums! Well, the American Art Museum was connected to the National Portrait Gallery, so have I visited three?


I'm not sure if you noticed, but I love museums. And I love art. I will not get bored at an art museum. I love being able to be close to artworks by artists that I have studied, and I love being able to be close to works that I once viewed in a ten pound textbook or a PowerPoint that my art history teacher made. I get so excited when I see pieces that I recognize. When I don't recognize the piece, I'm still awed by the work.


If you are interested in history, art, or art history, you have to visit this museum. Some of the most famous portraits are housed in this museum, such as the unfinished portrait of George Washington.



Friday, my fellow interns at PAHO Foundation and I took a tour of the National Institute of Health and the National Library of Medicine.


Honestly, the tour of the National Institute of Health was not as interesting as the tour of the National Library of Medicine. For the NIH tour, we were only in the Clinical Center, which I have visited before in order to conduct an informational interview. In the Clinical Center, there are paintings in the lobby, and they have changed since I have visited. The group I toured with and I visited different parts of the Clinical Center, but the tour was more of an informational session.



The National Library of Medicine is a much more interactive place because it is not a place where patients come to receive treatment. The NLM houses so many medical texts, including one from 1094, but there is also an exhibit called Native Voices: Native Peoples' Concepts of Health and Illness. There's a special room that houses the older texts which is temperature and pressure controlled in order to keep the manuscripts preserved. What's great about NLM is that it's a public library, so anyone has access to the resources the library has to offer. I wish I knew about the library earlier so I could get a library card!


Georgetown to Alexandria

Sunday, a few friends and I decided to take one of the cruises on the Potomac to Alexandria since we haven't done so. But before we went, we were given a recommendation to visit an Ethiopian Coffeehouse near the RAF. It was absolutely delicious. I got an ice ja mocha. I have to say, this place is a lot better than Starbucks.



Anyway, so Georgetown and Alexandria. I've visited Georgetown several times, but we entered Georgetown from a different direction. I always seem to notice something new, even when I pass by places I've been before.



A tour of the monuments on the river is not that expensive. It takes approximately 45 minutes to go from Georgetown to Alexandria, and the view is incredible. It was so nice to be on the water on such a nice day! It was hot, but being on a boat made it cooler.




Honestly, we did not do much in Alexandria except walk around and eat lunch. It seems like a nice place to live. I enjoyed seeing all of the local shops. I wish we spent more time in Alexandria, exploring more shops, museums, and parks. The city is such a nice place. I will hopefully go back before leaving the District.




Coming to an End

It's unbelievable how fast time flies, and it's unbelievable that I still have so much to do. My friends and I will definitely make a list of all the things we must do before we leave.


This experience has been fulfilling so far. I've enjoyed living on my own a little longer, and I've enjoyed living in another city. I have gained experience in a professional work environment. I have made new friends that I will not forget. I have learned some life lessons along the way.


I wish I could stay in the District.


Finally went to this side of the Capitol.


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