Going Home

Going Home

Can you believe that it has already been 10 weeks? By the time anyone is reading this, I will be at home, away from the beautiful capital, wishing I could be back soon.


Aside from the cleaning and packing everyone had to do, my friends and I managed to squeeze some last minute activities in.


Biking Around

Wednesday was the first day of the African Summit, so my supervisor decided that it would be best to allow the office to have a free day, considering the difficulty of getting to work due to closed roads. After having an iced ja mocha at Sidamo Coffee and Tea and completing some work, two of my friends decided to bike to the National Mall. We rented bikes at Union Station and took them out for two hours.



We stopped by the Botanical Gardens to sit by the fountain. Then, we made our way toward the Jefferson Memorial since we had not gotten close to the memorial before. We also went to the FDR memorial and the MLK memorial. It's interesting how I do not get tired of visiting the same places more than once.



Perhaps the most frustrating thing about biking in Washington is the number of tourists on foot who do not move to one side of the sidewalk when a bike approaches.


White House!

As noted in previous blogs, I have been by the White House several times, but on Thursday I was able to enter the White House.


No photography is allowed on the route of the tour. However, the highlight of the tour was our encounter with Bo and Sunny! We saw them come in the White House and watched as they were led back out.


At least we were able to take pictures once we got out of the White House.


From L to R: Me, Mackenzie, Abbi, KenDrell


Last Day

Technically, my last day was Friday.


I came to work planning to stay until later, but my supervisor wanted us to leave early to enjoy our last day in the city. Leaving the staff was difficult. It was even more difficult leaving my coworkers! We kept each other sane and entertained during our time in Washington. I had fun working with them, and I learned much from spending time with them.


One of my coworkers, Ana, had to leave early. I wish she could have stayed, but she needed to catch a flight home. After she left, Edgar, Danielle, and I decided to leave together. We got frozen yogurt and bonded for the last time before separating.



My experience at PAHO Foundation is a memorable experience. I got a taste of the professional life; I learned what to do or not to do in certain situations. I improved skills that are valuable in the workplace. I met people that I can look to for advice and guidance. It's going to be difficult to go from a professional work environment to one that's a little more casual.


After heading back to the RAF, I went to Abbi's apartment to see what she was up to, and we ended up going to KenDrell's apartment to help clean. After cleaning, the plan was to go to Jazz in the Garden once again. However, one of Abbi's roommates, Christy, came back from work late and needed to pack, so I decided to stay as well, considering there was more cleaning and packing for me to do too.


Several hours passed before our group of friends came back from Jazz in the Garden. I fell asleep but woke up to a new plan, going to the Flats. We decided to spend our night together at the rooftop, enjoying the view of the Capitol and Washington Monument. It was a pretty night.



This has been an unbelievable experience with some unbelievable people. It will be an unforgettable summer. I'm so grateful to have met such wonderful people, and I'm so glad that I got to spend my time with them. Thank you, guys, for making my summer great. I hate that time flew by so fast. I hate that I am home without you. I miss everyone so much! We better get together soon!


After such a summer, going home was difficult.



I hope everyone has a good rest of the summer!


Much Love & Best Wishes,


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