Fourth of July

Fourth of July

According to my friend Abbi, as of Thursday, July 3rd there are 37 days left. It's exactly the halfway point of our experience. I know I have written this before, but really, where has the time gone?


This week was the week of the Fourth of July. It's THE holiday that one should be in the capital for. I can't believe I was here for such a holiday, but before I write about my Fourth, I should write about my adventures beforehand.


National Archives


Such a long line on a Monday!


This week for programming, the Science, Technology, and Society students went to the National Archives. We met at the entrance at 11:00am. However, the only problem I had with the meeting is that we did not have a scheduled visit. We had to wait in line for around 30 minutes because there were tourists who were also waiting in line. After entering the Archives, we were allowed to explore on our own.


National Archives!


There are many facsimiles in the National Archives, meaning there are replicas of documents, but not the actual documents themselves. Olivia, who is Abbi's roommate, and I explored the Archives together. We saw the Magna Carta, which we believe is the actual Magna Carta, as well as the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution. However, we are not sure if all the U.S. documents we saw are the real deal since we read that the actual documents only come out for a few minutes everyday.


There is literally absolutely no photography in the Archives. So, Olivia and I had to deal with getting a photo of the seal we made.


Our bird is now the turkey.



After programming, I needed to make a trip to Bethesda for an informational interview at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). To get to NIH, you just take the red line to Medical Center. The visitors' center is right in front of you after getting off the elevator.



Although the visitors center is located near the metro, the NIH campus is extremely large. I only entered the Clinical Center building.



The interns and I at PAHO Foundation are going to tour the National Institutes of Health and the National Library of Medicine July 18th, so I will learn more about NIH/NLM then!


Fireworks before the 4thThis week has been pretty warm, but luckily a storm came in to cool the city off!



Wednesday night, my roommates and I noticed that there were fireworks in the distance. Perhaps there was fear of a stormy Fourth, but it was nice that we were able to see fireworks from the apartment.




In previoius years, I didn't do much for 4th of July except stay at home, eat, shoot and/or watch fireworks. This year has to be one of the most memorable Independence Days because I was able to celebrate the national holiday in the nation's capital.


We started the day off by shopping and cooking. I don't have pictures of our culinary creations or process, but we made some fried chicken and corn and put together a salad. We also did not forget watermelon! We had a picnic before getting closer to the Mall. We were in a grassy area near the Capitol Reflecting Pool. So many people were making their way to the Capitol.



After eating, we made our way towards the National Mall in order to be closer to the fireworks. We also passed by the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, but since it was near 7 or 8 at night, most of the events were over.





I don't remember what time the fireworks began, but when they started everyone stopped what they were doing and started cheering. Then, many people tried to move in order to see the Washington Monument and to take decent images of the fireworks in the background.





In the past, I did not really care for going somewhere to see fireworks. Back at home, there are fireworks by the river, but I never cared to go. Friday was different. I was in a different city, the capital for that matter. It was not hot out; the weather was perfect.


The fireworks were beautiful.


Afterward, my friends and I went to the rooftop of The Flats. Even at midnight, you could still see fireworks in all directions.


I hope everyone had a good Fourth of July! I hope everyone had a great time with loved ones!


Until next time~



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