Food. And More.

Food. And More.

There are only eleven full days left until I leave D.C.


My friends and I are trying to make the most out of our last few weeks, so this week was full of food... and more!


I hate to say this, but I'm pretty sure I love food. I'm probably a "foodie." Well, I'm definitely a foodie. It probably annoys people that I take pictures of my food at the table. I haven't really put any food pictures on Instagram since I have been here, but I do have a small collection of food photos.


Ben's Chili Bowl

Monday night, I decided I needed to try Ben's Chili Bowl. For my class, Scandalous Washington, we were assigned a reading about the riots in 1968. Ben's Chili Bowl was one of the restaurants that opened during the time when it was hard for African Americans to get loans. Furthermore, it was a place that was not targeted during the riot. Also, I heard good reviews from friends. (And it was a friend's birthday!)


I got a chili burger since I did not feel like getting a hot dog. The fries and the burger were amazing. They really do have good chili. The spiciness is definitely at a level that it's not too spicy or mild.


I recommend going to such a delicious and historic restaurant!


Those fries were so good too.


National Mall, Again


Another photo!


Once again, I visited the National Mall. This time I went because of class. Although I had already visited the Mall, I feel more enlightened after having my professor show us around and point out symbols and such.


I visited the MLK Memorial once more where I learned that there used to be a quote on the side of the statue, but it was plastered over because the quote was not necessarily a quote. The quote was shortened and paraphrased, but the editing of King's words changed his original message.


He's shorter than me! But he's sitting...


We also visited a memorial that I had not visited, the FDR Memorial. This was an interesting memorial. The statue of FDR is life size, unlike the statues of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. I like the use of water, and I love that braille is also incorporated into the memorial. I enjoyed the quotes as well. This was definitely a well thought out memorial with a great deal of symbolism.


At the end of the memorial, there's a statue of FDR's wife. However, instead of displaying Eleanor Roosevelt as the first lady, she is titled as an ambassador to the UN.


It was nice to visit the Mall again. I know I haven't visited several memorials, such as the Jefferson, so I definitely need to go back again.



I feel like I spend most of my time eating out since I want to try new foods, but I have cooked several times since I have been here. I have even made food with a few friends. I cooked a few times this week, but I only have one photo of something I made. I just had rice, spinach, carrots, and pork.





There should be a potluck some time this coming week, so maybe you should check the blog for a picture of what my friends and I make!!


Federal Triangle

For class, we needed to walk one of the many heritage trails in Washington in order to complete our final presentation on a scandal. The neighborhood or area we were randomly assigned was Federal Triangle, an area that includes a number of government office buildings.



Our class has gone to the Federal Triangle before, and I have gone to that area for the Archives, but I have not walked the trail and read the signs before. I got to see buildings and sculptures I had not seen.


Now that we have done the first step of visiting the site, my group and I now must complete our presentation since the due date is extremely soon!



Ford's Theatre

Saturday morning was a girls' day out. Abbi had visitors from New York who decided to visit for the weekend. We woke up late and decided to have brunch. We went to Lincoln's Waffle House, not knowing that it was called so because of its proximity to the Ford's Theatre and the house where Lincoln passed away. Sorry, there are no pictures of the food from this delicious place because I had leftovers before leaving the apartment!



Ford's Theatre is actually a pretty small place. I did not want to take a picture in front of the balcony where Lincoln was shot because it would be awkward to smile in a photo in front of where a person lost his life...


Smithsonian's National Zoo

Sunday, we tackled the zoo on a hot, sunny day. The walk was not enjoyable, but seeing the animals was!



I had seen a panda before in China, so this was not new to me. Despite having already seen the animal before, I was excited to see one again! The panda that was eating was too adorable!



I think my favorite part of the zoo, aside from the panda exhibit is the reptile and amphibian house.




And of course, who can forget the mighty lion?


Tackle Box

After the zoo, we headed to Georgetown to DC Cupcakes, but the line was entirely too long, so we decided to find a place to eat. We ended up at Tackle Box where I had delicious squid and a mixed salad. Yes, I said squid, and no, not calamari. I had grilled squid. Everyone should try un-fried squid because I just think the breading takes away from the true experience of eating squid.




Elephant & Castle

Sunday, we woke up late, again. We kept going to sleep late at night, which I do not recommend if you're trying to see everything...


We wanted brunch again because Abbi is in love with brunch. However, the location that we went to was a restaurant that did not serve brunch, and we were too lazy to walk to the other location.


I got salmon since I decided I needed something a little healthier!



National Gallery of Art

Sadly, after eating and walking to the metro, we had to say goodbye to our friends from New York.


Then, I decided to go to the National Gallery of Art with two other friends. Again, I cannot stress how much I love art museums, but why do these Smithsonians have to be entirely too big?  I was not able to see everything in a few hours...


I took way too many photos at the Gallery, so I will include a photo of part of the interior of the museum.



Five Guys

Christy, a friend from TWC, coincidentally ran into a high school friend at the gallery, so we decided to hang out at the RAF. After talking and showing her around the apartment, we decided it was time to get something to eat. I think everyone wanted to have something healthy, but we did not want to go far or pay to just get a salad. So, with Abbi's recommendation, we decided to just go to Five Guys since I have not tried their burgers before, even though there are several Five Guys in central Arkansas.


I like how they allow you to choose toppings, but I wish they put more grilled mushrooms in my burger. I find the two patty burger a bit weird, but I guess it's a lot easier to ensure that two thin patties are well done than one thick patty.




Supreme Court

An early Monday was in store since we had a scheduled tours at several places on Capitol Hill. The Supreme Court tours are open to the public, but we were advised to go to the 9:30am tour. The tour by the intern at the Supreme Court was really nice. She definitely knew her information. It was too bad that visitors are not allowed to take photos inside the Supreme Court.




I had visited the Capitol before, but for the first visit my friends from my home institution and I weren't guided. For this tour, we were guided by interns from one of our Senator's offices. The guides were well informed about the Capitol, and they were funny.


We entered the crypt of the Capitol, which I did not even know existed until one of my friends, Collin, told me. It's interesting how we could have basically worhsipped the first president...



I tried to take a picture of the steps that President Obama walks down during inauguration, but one of our guides got in the way...


My friends and I also took Capitol photos! Too bad I don't have photos of me to show you. It was extremely windy, so I'm not sure how well the photos turned out. Furthermore, I always have awkward poses.



To future interns with TWC: You have to (HAVE TO) try Indigo. The food is so good, and the portions they provide are so large that you can have half and then save the other half for another meal.


Chicken tikka!


I've only tried two menu items: butter chicken and chicken tikka. I tried butter chicken first because I was scared to get something too spicy. Monday, I ordered chicken tikka, which is "moderately spicy," but I think it was pretty mild. I really want to try the curry chicken, but I'm too scared to experience an extremely spicy meal since I do not eat spicy foods often.


OH. I visited Chinatown again to get food from another restaurant. Actually, I visited two restaurants, but I didn't take pictures of my food since it didn't look fancy in the to-go containers.



It was a fun weekend. I definitely can't complain about it.


It's too bad that I must now spend a great deal of my time finalizing the portfolio.  Let's hope I actually get it done so that I will be able to have a last good weekend.


Until next time!

Jeannie Kuang-Nguyen

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