The second to last week flew by, just as the other weeks have.


This week and weekend were pretty uneventful, considering people were finishing up portfolios to turn in on an early deadline or on Monday. Everyone was busy preparing for final presentations, exams, and reports.



I decided to include some tips on creating your portfolio.


  1. Complete your assignments when they're due. When feedback is provided, attempt to revise your assignments as soon as you can.
  2. Attempt to not procrastinate...
  3. If possible, use tabs instead of placing page numbers on everything. When I mean tabs, I mean binder dividers. Using tabs is a lot easier because you do not have to deal with formatting and combining documents, especially if a document may be available only as a PDF.
  4. Print your portfolio off at work if possible, so you won't have to pay more for printing. (It's only around $5 to get your papers binded at Staples!)
  5. Ask your academic program advisors questions!

Completing my portfolio was not that difficult, considering I did not have to deal with formatting or page numbers. I was mostly done with my portfolio Friday to ensure that I had free time over the weekend to do last minute activities, but I realized I needed to add my civic engagement to my resume.



Saturday was a relaxing day. One of my friends, Abbi, left to visit New York once more since she had a guest from home, who we picked up from the airport late Friday night. Abbi is definitely our planner/activities coordinator, which is one of the reasons why we did not do much this weekend!


Serene airport at midnight.

I have to include the pictures I took at Reagan International. It was so quiet.


After doing some work, a few friends, Collin, Christy, and Paul, and I decided to go to the National Archives. I'd already been, but the others had not. The last time I went, I didn't get to see the U.S. Constitution for long, but this time we waited and actually took time to look at the documents.


I thought this was a pretty cool picture, and I love dogs, so I had to take a picture of it.



After getting back from the Archives, we continued to do work until dinner time. We revisited Armand's, but this time I got deep dish pizza with spinach and garlic and mushrooms. It was my first time getting a deep dish pizza!


This was so good.


Then, we made our way to get dessert from Good Stuff Eatery. I tried the Vietnamese Coffee Shake, but I was a little disappointed. Red Velvet remains the best shake to get!



I woke up later than usual Sunday. We decided that we should get our portfolios binded, so we made our way to Staples. However, since some people were also getting their portfolios binded, there was a wait, so we decided to visit a bookstore in DuPont called Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe. There were so many books. I really wanted to buy one, but there were too many that I wanted.


I love books!


Later that day, we visited another restaurant called Boundary Road on H Street. This is another restaurant within walking distance from the RAF. I definitely recommend it, especially if you are 21 and older since they have a great selection of drinks. The food was great, but I didn't take a picture of the yummy risotto I got.


That night, we got hungry again, so we cooked some beef with onions and tomato sauce. It was delicious, thanks to Paul. Christy and I assisted, and then I made some chicken! And Christy had some good rice to accompany the dish. That was a pretty good second dinner, complete with a cookie as dessert.



This was another day I woke up later than usual.  Monday was commencement, the highlight of the day and the last programming!


Everyone got certificates after turning in their portfolio. I wish the certificates were nicer, but I guess the real certificate is the portfolio.


Commencement was not too long, and I enjoyed the speeches! It's too bad I couldn't take better pictures of the speakers. The pictures below are of Owen and Bianca.





It's the last week, so I need to make it the best week of the summer, but there are a few things I have to take care of. Talk about cleaning and packing...


Until next time!



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