Change of Plans

Change of Plans

How has everyone been? I hope all has been well!


This week has been less eventful compared to the past weeks. In the past weekends I visited the Mall, the Capitol, and other places, but this weekend I only went to one museum. Despite not doing much and still having to complete several assignments, overall it has been a relaxing week.


Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series

Sitting in the back...

For this week's programming, we had the first of several Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series. For each series, they try to have guest speakers with differing viewpoints on a certain topic, and for this programming the topic was climate change.


Climate change is a topic that was extensively covered in one of my courses at my home university last semester. It's a topic that I am quite interested in. I honestly found this Simpson-Mineta Leaders Series to be interesting because of the viewpoint one of our speakers took. The discussion between the two speakers revolved more around economics rather than the debate of whether climate change is real or not. Both speakers agreed that global warming is occurring, but one of the speakers did not agree that there would be significant weather events in the near future. He does not see the economic benefit of acting now. I found it interesting that he did not believe that the disastrous outcomes would occur, even though he cited the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report in stating that global warming is real. The IPCC report also speaks of models that predict increased flooding, stronger storms, and other natural events that come from an increase in average global temperatures. It was a fun event. I look forward to the next series!




Tuesday, I had the honor of attending one of the 154th Executive Committee Meetings of PAHO/WHO. The meeting was held in a fancy room at PAHO's headquarters, which is not far from PAHO Foundation's office. The agenda for that meeting dealt with financial concerns, which is not my specialty, but it was interesting to see how the meetings were held. Hearing Spanish and Portuguese was nice.


Wednesday Explorations

I have class on Wednesdays, and I get to go on adventures because of my unique class! The only negative aspect of this Wednesday was the temperature. It was one of the hottest days of the week.


On the bridge, walking...



Exorcist steps


We began our class in Georgetown. Specifically, we started at Georgetown University. It is somewhat inconvenient to explore Georgetown on a hot day, especially if there is not a metro station less than a mile away. There are several ways to get to Georgetown. I could have taken a bus, but I did not want to be stuck in traffic on a bus. Instead, I used the metro to go to Rosslyn. From Rosslyn, I walked over the Francis Scott Key Bridge and climbed up the Exorcist stairs to Georgetown University. The view of the university from the bridge is quite remarkable.



This week, we discussed slavery and the largest slave escape attempt in the U.S. Seventy seven slaves escaped on a schooner in 1848.


After class, I went to NoMA's Summer Screen to meet up with my friends. We watched UP. It was nice to see this movie again. I wish I didn't have class on Wednesdays so I could attend other movie nights when it's nice outside!


First Trip to Silver Spring

Usually, my friends would make plans for Friday night, but this time there were, surprisingly, no plans! However, after work a few of us decided that we wanted to try Ethiopian food for dinner. But there was a change in plans... We ended up going to Silver Spring at 11:00pm since my friend needed to complete an assignment before going out. Note to self and friends: most restaurants close at 11:00pm.


Despite not being able to go to an Ethiopian restaurant, we went to Austin Grill. The food was great, but I think I need to stop eating Tex-Mex type of food. The beef in one of the tacos was so good. They made a good choice of putting lime juice on the meat!



I finally made a visit to Solaire as well! (Shout out to Kendrell for taking the picture!)



Holocaust Museum

Saturday, a few friends and I made a trip to the Holocaust Museum. On Saturdays, the museum closes at 5:20pm. We arrived at around 3:00pm but only went through one portion of the museum. If you want to visit the permanent exhibits you must have a pass, which can be reserved online or obtained if one arrives to the museum early.



Even though I do not have direct connections to the Holocaust, the museum still had an effect on me. What happened in the past is disgusting. It's a good thing that to some extent, people learn from the past. I look forward to visiting the rest of the museum in the near future.


There was a small section about Anne Frank. I haven't read her diary, but I have read excerpts. (Translated, of course.) She writes as if she is a wise adult. I hope to read her diary soon.





The picture above is one of the signs that hang outside of the museum. I have mixed feelings about this sign. I agree that genocide or any sort of oppression of a group of people should not happen, but in reality it is happening right now. The situation I think of when I saw this sign was the relationship between Israel and Palestine and the treatment of Palestinians in Israel. My friends and I actually discussed this after leaving the museum.


I advise people not to go to another war memorial or anything that might trigger sad emotions after visiting the Holocaust museum.


After the museum, we went to a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. I'm disappointed in Chinatown. There aren't many authentic places to eat at. At least I got one authentic dish... roast pork or cha siu!



After eating, we went to watch Think Like a Man Too at the IMAX Theater near Solaire. The movie was funny. Originally, I did not want to watch a movie because I don't like spending money to watch a movie I could watch for free or a lower price later.


Afterward, we went to Solaire, listened to music and played pool/billards.

I wish I lived at Solaire because it is so nice! However, I would not like to travel far to go to work.



Sunday was a lazy Sunday. We planned on going to the Botanical Gardens, but we all needed to complete assignments so that plan has changed. We spent our time doing homework and watching KOR v. ALG and USA v. POR. Can I just say that POR second goal was absolutely beautiful?


As you can tell, it has been a uneventful week. Sometimes, you have to spend actual time with friends, instead of going around being a tourist. I'm thankful to have friends I can have a good time with, even if we don't go out.


Next weekend, we plan on going to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Hopefully, that plan does not change, but if it does, I know we'll be doing something else worthwhile.


Have a great week everyone!





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