Take the Advice!

Take the Advice!

It’s not often that life hands us lemons... but one thing young people do receive is a lot of advice. Every speech I hear and birthday card I read is ripe with suggestion or persuasion. I'm not complaining - the guidance of others is something I never take for granted. With the amount of uncertainty I face as a 21-year-old student/intern, an outside perspective is always welcomed.


But regardless of how appreciative I am to hear the wisdom of others, I don’t necessarily always “take” the advice. I recently realized that I have been living under a false pretense that thoughtfully reflecting on the counsel of others means that I’m using it. D.C. is full of successful, intelligent people, so the advice I’m getting shouldn’t be taken lightly.
Here is one piece of advice I’ve taken while in D.C.


“It’s who you know” is true. You have to build a network. You have to put yourself out there. Get a LinkedIn. Go to a happy hour.

When I went to meet with Mashaal Ahmed, manager of TWC’s Career Services, we didn’t have to go over the basics. She knew that all interns were hearing this. After listening to my goals, Mashaal gave me some new, specific, thoughtful suggestions. Many of these were specialized to my interests and have already been helping me move forward, but one of the points she made should be relevant to most people reading this: join the TWC alumni group.


The Facebook group and LinkedIn page are both active and full of people who (surprise!) like giving young people advice. The group can not only help you make the connections you need to land jobs, it can help you find a roommate or get you invites to exclusive happy hours.

As the summer winds down, I hope we take the time to reach out to those who were in our shoes not long ago.  It’s an investment worth making and advice worth taking.

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