My First D.C. Weekend Adventure

My First D.C. Weekend Adventure

Being raised in a small village and going to school in a small city made me appreciate the opportunity for novelty and opportunity. But after a week in DC, I’m having a hard time remembering what monotony is like. Every day I haven’t had to look far for either entertainment or mental stimulation.


I’m Kelly M, hailing from the University of Dayton (UD). If you’re unfamiliar, perhaps you’ll remember us as 2014’s NCAA Cinderella story. Obama tweeted at our team’s star, Devin Oliver. In addition to having excellent school spirit, we also have a gorgeous campus, tight knit community, and a deep commitment to volunteering and stewardship. Go Flyers!


I am a strong believer in interdisciplinary education so I have a lot of study areas and have worn many hats during my time in college, ranging from minors in sustainability and film studies to tutoring philosophy. But my base and focus this summer, is in communication and public relations. In addition to exploring communication in my internship, I’m also a part of the Media & Communications program here at the Washington Center. This program and the class I’m taking, “Media and the Movies”, are things I am incredibly excited about - both great examples of how TWC helps us explore our fields and dig deeper into our interests. I can’t wait to share my experiences with these opportunities as the term continues.


Though I’m eager for all that awaits and excited for the rest of the term, I’m already finding myself reflecting on my time so far. I’m going to start this blog with a recap of my first weekend adventure in the city last Friday evening.


Have you heard of Jazz in the Garden? I’m surprised to think that just over a week ago, I hadn’t. Whenever I’m asking D.C. natives about fun activities in the city, this is almost always their first suggestion.


Once summer rolls around, Jazz in the Garden takes place every Friday in the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. It’s currently in its 14th season. Last Friday I met a group I had found online who call themselves “DC 20-something Women Who Try New Things.” Before I located my crew, I walked around the garden. It was packed so in addition to soaking in the art, there was great people watching.


Jazz fans gathered around the center of the garden



I found the group of girls and began chatting about the city. I’m so lucky to get so much insight from locals. I cannot stress this enough to newcomers to any environment. Just throw yourself in! Everyone I met at that event was so excited about how new I was and eager to share their unique insights. From the women's suggestions I know where to go for great live music, a cheap but quality IPA, and a trustworthy place to get my eyebrows threaded. What more could I need?


Some fun women


On my walk back after enjoying great music and company, I was able to see the sunset beyond the Washington monument. Please excuse the crane.


Gorgeous sunset and the Washington Monument


This lovely Friday evening was the perfect way to jump start an entire summer that I hope you’ll follow along with. I am experimenting with Twitter everyday, so don’t hesitate to give me follow and give me some feedback @KellyFMill.

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