Flyer Nation and the Washington Monument

Flyer Nation and the Washington Monument

One of the things that is really making my time so special here is my cohort of pals from the University of Dayton. We have some large personalities, opposing political beliefs, and a bunch of different academic pursuits… but we come together as a group so well. We have group dinners, watch the West Wing together, and are always in contact about weekend opportunities and looming deadlines. I’m grateful to have a support system here and so many interesting and endearing people to share my experiences.


A group of us recently went to the top of the Washington Monument. This was particularly exciting since it has been closed for almost three years while it was being repaired from earthquake damages.


In order to get tickets, you have to line up at a ticket booth that opens at 8 a.m. Our group has martyrs amongst us, so up and at ‘em getting those early bird worms were Ian and Anamaria. Those two scored tickets for ten of us. You hear a lot that D.C. is expensive, but some of the coolest attractions here are free. I couldn’t believe it when I found out. I was ready to shell out some major cash in order to get such a great view of the city.


Before we arrived at the monument, we hit up Shake Shack, a new American favorite burger place. Their burgers reminded me of my beloved In-n-Out of California which I haven’t had in years. This was a big win for me.


On our way to the mall

Walking from the metro to the monument


Panorama by the monument

A panorama of the area around the monument


I had some big expectations about what the top of the monument would be like, but still I was blown away. It definitely helped that we went on a gorgeous, sunny afternoon.


One view from the top


Another amazing view


Below is a picture of me with two of my roommates, Sara and Gurjot. It’s so funny to think just a few weeks ago I barely knew them. I have the most positive, intelligent, and thoughtful girls to come home to every night. When funny or exciting things happen throughout the day, I can’t wait to tell these beautiful, smiling girls. We’re very different, which is exciting because I learn so much from the ways they radiate and express themselves. I really just cannot believe how lucky I am.


some great girls

me, Sara, Gurjot photo credit: Anamaria


I’m sure a lot of my posts will feature these same characters. I love doing things like this as a group for both the insightful commentary and plentiful laughs. Soon I want to go boating in front of the Jefferson Memorial. I know I’ll have some flyers there with me.


DC Flyers on Ohio Day

The whole UD clan at Ohio Day, watching our alum softball team  photo credit: Anamaria


Thanks again for reading! Until next week!

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