A Few Moments to Reflect On

A Few Moments to Reflect On

Lately on this blog, I've been picking broad themes & rolling with them rather than explicitly recounting my experiences in D.C. This post will feature 3 pictures and a bit of context to catch up to speed with things I haven't covered in my recent posts.


Union Market


Union Market

Right by the student housing at RAF is Union Market, which has it all - produce, restaurants, souvenirs, live music, and a sense of community. The last part - community- is what really made me emotional when I visited this past Sunday. Up-and-coming NoMa is people driven, and I was surrounded by those who had helped shape the “neighborhood vibe.” The people who frequent the outdoor movie showings and who smoke cigarettes under the bridge by the metro - they’ve become my people.

I am grateful to have been hosted by these characters in what has become my little D.C. nest. So it was very rewarding when I saw so many of the familiar faces together at one place, enjoying a Sunday morning at Union Market.





Living in the Midwest makes me appreciate the ability to jetset. You grow a Hemingway type appreciation for the countryside and giant picnic baskets because that's what you get in the middle of Ohio. My hometown is about twice the distance from NYC than the drive I was able to enjoy to the city last weekend. This picture is one of the few I took. I can admit I was caught up the moments atop the Empire State Building and strolling Central Park… but somehow I found the time and recognized a certain importance which enabled me to take the time and energy to capture some New York slices.



Kennedy Center

One of the fabulous things here at The Washington Center is the weekly programming. As part of the Media and Communications group, we’ve toured some of the most interesting places in D.C. related to our career interests, including NPR and Politico. One of my favorite afternoons was spent getting to know the Kennedy Center. I cannot express how inspired I was by the dedication of the Kennedy Center employees. I left feeling a deep sense of gratitude for the commitment these people have to bringing the arts to D.C.. The Kennedy Center itself was beautiful and filled with gifts from countries all over the world, each attached to an interesting narrative of how it arrived here.


The time here is winding down, so I hope we are all taking a few moments to reflect on our greatest adventures! I’m getting busier but also realizing I have a lot more to fit in before I leave!

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