City Life Caters to Adventure and Laziness

City Life Caters to Adventure and Laziness

I think most of us can agree that the feeling of being young is a bit schnizophrenic. On the one hand, you have the excitement of unlimited potential that motivates and envigorates us. On the other hand, there is a blissful lack of responsibility. In figuring out how to embrace this paradox I've gone through periods of trial and error. I've overworked myself, biting off more than I can chew and then projectile vomiting the excess come exam week. Other times I had to force myself to trade excessive nap time for jogging. Slowly, but awkardly, I started to make it work. In the summer of 2012 I threw myself into an intensive study of art history in Florence. Classes spanned entire days, and the mental exhaustion was rewarding but truly overpowering. Immediately following the rigorous academic schedule, I vegged out on an organic farm in a village in Germany for a month. I barely opened a book and spent my days picking salad greens. Even on the weekends, I rarely left the town and played with the cats instead of adventuring. Both times were beautiful and nurtured my soul in different ways... but the time periods, though one after the other, feel segmented. I would have benefitted from a more balanced approach to the summer.


Going into my senior year, I have gotten better at harmonizing rather than flip-flopping. I keep myself incredibly busy, but I never feel deprived from time with my friends or sleep or extracurriculars. Weekdays in D.C. I've been working myself to the bone - there's no doubt about that and certainly no regrets. But my weekends have been experiencing a bit of my old crash-and-burn style: intensive Saturday exploring followed by 24 hours inside my apartment.


Eventually I'll learn a balance, but in the meantime I kind of enjoy overstimulation followed by couch potato endulgence. I learned quickly that D.C. caters to the adventurous, but it wasn't until recently after meeting a new very lazy friend that I opened my eyes to an irony: the more you're surrounded by, the less you need to go outside. Because now it can come to you. At one point the charm of city life was that anything you wanted was accessible by foot or metro, but now if you have a smartphone or computer, all of that can ring your doorbell.


Quickly I'll rattle off some apps to help you enjoy the laziest of Sundays. Use in moderation.


  • Seamless: This is the go-to for food delivery. Search through thousands of menus, browse by deals... and get $7 off your first order if you give your email!
    So find your favorite restaurant, order, and you'll receive a confirmation email with an estimated delviery time.
  • Relayfoods: There are also tons of apps that do your grocery shopping for you! Relay foods is my favorite. Those familiar with the traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), the usual go-to way to order fresh food, are familiar with the disadvantage of an unpredictable box delivery every week. Relay foods is different. You pick exactly what you want. The prices aren't bad too, and they're always running different incentives for first time users!  Once you pick what you want, find your nearest pick-up spot. Comrades living in Noma - the pick-up is right by the RAF on Wednesdays! ;)  So feel productive while you lay in bed and do your grocery shopping for the week!
  • Washio: Sundays are for laundry, right? The new app, Washio, will pick up your laundry and dry cleaning and deliver it the next day, fresh and folded. Their employees are called "ninjas" and will give you a cookie when they pick up your clothes. As if you didn't feel guilty enough already.
  • Taskrabbit: Your to-do list just got exported to the world. This app lets you list a task (for example, cleaning your oven or assembling a bookshelf) accompanied by the maximum amount of money you'd be willing to pay for the service. Next, "taskers" (who undergo background checks and in-person interviews, just FYI) will bid on the opportunity to perform that task. They show up, help you out, and you can relax. And watch, I guess...

Again, please enjoy DC. But if you overdo it... well there are ways to make the best of your laziness.

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