Kayaking, Capitol Hill and ESL Tutoring: Just Another Week at TWC

Kayaking, Capitol Hill and ESL Tutoring: Just Another Week at TWC

This week was a really busy but fun week in D.C. In addition to going through training at my internship, I spent more time exploring D.C., taking in D.C. political culture and volunteering!


Adventure on the Potomac

When I first met my roommate, Kirby, she told me that the one thing that she wanted to do this summer in D.C. was go kayaking on the Potomac River. I have been kayaking before and even though this sounded like a lot of fun, I was skeptical. What if the kayak flipped over, and I fell into the dirty water? I am happy to say that last weekend the four of us went kayaking, and none of us fell into the Potomac River. The only thing that happened that could have ended badly was that neither Kexin nor I knew how to steer in the beginning, and we ended up paddling into a parked yacht with a group of party-going people. I think they might have been angry with us for running into them at first, but once they saw that we had no idea how to kayak, they took pity on us and offered us snacks. It was an embarrassing mishap, but after an hour of paddling around the river, we redeemed ourselves! Here are some pictures of our adventure on the Potomac!



Capitol Hill Meeting

One of the Washington Center’s requirements is to attend a visit to Capitol Hill. I am from Missouri, so on Wednesday I went to Roy Blunt’s (my state senator) weekly constituent meet-and-greet. I wasn’t sure what to expect of this at all.  When I picture Congress I don’t picture real flesh-and-blood people, just people that exist on campaign commercials, so it was an interesting morning. We were given coffee and donuts and were left to socialize with all of the other visitors. Roy Blunt’s staff was really friendly and even gave us a tour of his office. I was surprised at how many rooms were in his office.  It was never-ending. We saw the spaces for his staffers, his entry hall (which used to be Harry Truman’s office when he was a Senator and while he was Vice President) and his office.  At the end of the visit, we got to take a group picture with the Senator, and we were given gallery passes to use while Congress is in session, which I'm planning on using before this summer is over! Overall it was a good visit, and I was glad that I was given the opportunity to take a visit to the Capitol Hill.


Civic Engagement

This summer I am also participating in a civic engagement project about immigration. There are speakers that come to The Washington Center to speak with us about various topics relating to immigration, and there is also a volunteering portion that we have to do. I am volunteering to tutor English at the Ethiopian Community Center. We had an orientation last weekend, and I am really excited that I have the opportunity to tutor someone. I haven’t ever met anyone from Ethiopia, but it will be interesting to learn about Ethiopia from my tutoring partner. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about other cultures, so I think that this will be a really neat opportunity to be able to give back to the community. I start next weekend, so hopefully it will go well!

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