A D.C. Birthday

A D.C. Birthday

Saturday was my birthday! On Friday, my roommates and I decided to go to Jazz in the Park, which is live music on the mall, but we left the apartment a little late, so we missed it. But that did not stop us from enjoying our evening - we spontaneously decided to take the bus to Georgetown and see if we could find any live music there and to celebrate my birthday. We walked around by the Potomac and then in the main area of Georgetown, but since I wasn't 21 yet, (a technicality) we weren't able to find somewhere that would let us in. We almost made it into one place - the lady looked at my ID and got confused about the date and let us in, but then a few minutes later found us and told us to come back at midnight. Such a rule follower.



Last week, I wrote about how Kexin and I went to see Despicable Me at the Screen on the Green in Alexandria. Once we were in Alexandria, we had to take a little trolley through town to get to the movie and we decided that we would have to go back to explore, eat and shop. That is what we did Saturday afternoon. Alexandria, Virginia is a cute town next to the Potomac that has a historic downtown area that is full of shops and restaurants. I loved looking in the antique stores because there were so many random knickknacks like a Benjamin Franklin teapot and colonial salt and pepper shakers. You could be the proud owner of that set of gems for a little under $500. Next semester, I am living in an off-campus apartment and am always looking for ideas on how to decorate my room. So a good part of the afternoon was spent window shopping in furniture stores and taking pictures of things that I liked.






Since it was my birthday, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice lunch. A few of my coworkers have told me that I need to eat crab before I leave the D.C. area, so I decided that Saturday would be a good day to try it. We ate lunch at a place called the Fish Market and left extremely stuffed. I liked the crab, but since it was my first time trying it, I didn't know if I would actually like it, so I chose a meal with a few different types of fish.


That evening, Kirby and Kexin locked me in my room and then surprised me with a birthday cake! I wasn't expecting it, and I was really surprised! I'm so lucky to have them as roommates this summer, and my day would not have been as great or as fun without them!




This was my first birthday away from home, so I was worried and a little sad to be away from my friends and family. But it was dumb to worry about it because I had a great day, and I was able to spend it with new friends! It will be a birthday that I never forget.

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