Being a Tour Guide in My Summertime Hometown

Being a Tour Guide in My Summertime Hometown

I have been looking forward to this weekend since the beginning of July - my mom, sister and grandma came to visit me for the weekend in D.C.! On Friday evening we celebrated my birthday and acted goofy! We ate dinner at The Hamilton, a restaurant near the White House filled with young D.C. professionals on dates and at a networking event. Emily and I ate falafel sandwiches that were bigger than the plate. It was nice to spend time with my family, and I'm glad they were able to come visit.

On Saturday, my mom and grandma went on their own tour of downtown D.C. while Emily and I went exploring. We went to Arlington to see the Changing of the Guard and the Kennedy gravesite. It was impressive to see the rows of graves - there are 400,000 soldiers buried in Arlington.





Afterward, we went to the Zoo in order to see the pandas. This was all my sister had been talking about since she heard that their are pandas at D.C.'s zoo, and on Saturday all three pandas were out and moving around - even the baby panda. They were so cute!




We also took a cab to Georgetown to find lunch. We walked around the sidestreets and took pictures near all of the cute houses. Georgetown has to be my favorite area of D.C. to explore.




We ate lunch at a French bistro near the waterfront called Malmaison. It's in an industrial style building but has really cute decor. Last semester when I studied abroad in France I ate a lot of quiche, and my sister had wanted to try one. The ones at this restaurant were to die for.


In the evening, my mom, sister and I took a walk to the White House.


Sunday was the highlight of my weekend. The four of us took a boat cruise to Mount Vernon, George Washington's house in Virginia. The cruise was an hour and a half, and it was so nice to sit outside. It was a beautiful ride there. Mount Vernon is a 8,000 acre property that has a mansion, flower garden, slave quarters, and burial ground for George and Martha Washington. In order to get to the house, you have to walk up a wooded area and pass some farmland and fields. It's really peaceful there and reminded me of some of the places where I go hiking at home. If you have the chance to go to Mount Vernon, you should definitely go because it is a great day trip and really cool to see.








This weekend went by super fast and I can't believe that I will be headed home to Missouri in less than two weeks!

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