There's A Silver Lining in Everything

There's A Silver Lining in Everything

It's been a little more than a week since my D-Day landing gone wrong here in D.C., and my belief in a silver lining has paid off.  Just when the burden of my unemployed state was getting to much to bare, an opportunity saved me. The true, caring soul of mother D.C. has presented me with a golden opportunity—a new internship—that I will get into soon, along with another tidbit of D.C.’s Soft Side. Kudos to TWC employees, Katie Mancini, Kyle Bergman, and Kinsey Holloway for their bloodhound-like search for new internship opportunities for me. Your help and advice is second to none.


In D.C., I have been thrust into a world of opposites. In the realm of the politico, you are either on one side or the other. Nowhere was this more apparent than at the first of the Simpson-Mineta leadership series in which Bob Deans, director of federal communications for the National Resources Defense Council, and David W. Kreutzer, research fellow in energy economics and climate change for The Heritage Foundation, dueled it out in a panel discussion presented to all The Washington Center students. This event exposed the depth of political debate in Washington, this one being green energy and climate control. It further served to reinforce the fact that whatever the topic, when you're in the world of politics, it’s a fight to the death over fact, ideology, and personal opinion. This is a town of knowing who you are and what you are made of; you better show up with informed opinions.


New and Improved Intenship

Just like the polarized state of politics, the juxtaposition of my new internship to my previous short-lived one comically unravels more of the world opposites. I now work at Organic Marketing Analytics (OMA)…and it's awesome. Where my old company’s purpose was restrained by political pressure and its big money, conservative clients, my new internship’s purpose is to serve any client, without partisan, who is looking for innovation and success in the online realm; and where my previous internship environment was intense and coldly professional, my new internship environment is laid back and cheerful. My new internship will be a sort of peaceful oasis in which I can view the political happenings of D.C. from afar.


Organic Marketing Analytics is a web-centered marketing company that looks to help other companies increase their online presence. With their expertise and software, businesses can see their website traffic and advertising opportunities flourish. Working with OMA is the complete opposite of my previous internship. I wasn’t kidding when I said that it is a causal environment—the building that I work in is like a Steve Jobs startup playground. From massage chairs to de-stress you during a long work day, to a self-serve frozen yogurt machine in the kitchen, it’s a wonder anyone gets anything done at work, and yet project are completed and deadlines are met. I am going to enjoy the ability to create my own work environment.


Soft Side

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for...  Not all of D.C.’s amenities are encased in gridlines of concrete and asphalt. Nuzzled up to Ronald Reagan Airport is Gravelly Point. In this picturesque and peaceful park, Washingtonians escape the hustle and bustle of the city to frolic in the grass and take in some warm rays…and see 747’s and giant Air Busses pass overhead. It is truly spectacular. Seeing the planes pass right overhead brought me back to my childhood days of ogling at big red fire trucks. Click to see the video!


You see guys, it's not all meetings and press releases here in D.C. It's opportunities like this that show the city's unique and relaxed side.


Your weekly Soft Side investigator,

Cole M. Vance

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