Food Memorandum

Food Memorandum

This is my food entry 2.0, and I have a plenitude of information to share with you. For me, food is important: it brings people together in cultural and causal ways. The students of this summer’s TWC group know how to eat, and I have shared many great culinary experiences with a good number of them. In after hours, muggy nights we share some culinary solidarity in some of the best places in Washington, D.C. Food—at restaurants for the purpose of this post—is one of the best ways in Washington to step out of the classroom and office and into a relaxing environment…definitely Soft-Side worthy. Washington’s fine establishments are just a part of the many resources a TWC student has access to.


Earlier in my string of posts, I called the restaurants I uncovered “diamonds in the rough” and reported that “D.C. seemed to be working hard to make a unique bite to eat hidden.” Well I might have been a little tough on the city's eating prospects. If you stay off of the wildly busy streets and explore some of the fringes of the city, you realize there are diamonds everywhere. I consider myself knowledgeable of D.C.’s streets, just short of a cartographer now; I now consider Adams Morgan, DuPont, U-Street, and even the ballpark area to be hosts to some great restaurants. Below are some of the best ones I have stumbled upon recently.


Kafè Leopold

This Georgetown gem is Germany’s stamp on D.C., and it sure gets my stamp of approval. This sharp and pleasant restaurant experience brings you both hardy and delicate food choices along side the Canal Towpath. Its sleek Euro interior and glass counter full of delectable desserts make it an instant hit. This is no typical bratwurst and sauerkraut German place, and since you are no typical eater you need to visit.





GBD stands for Golden, Brown and Delicious. This greasy Southern experience is good for a once-a-month kind of thing. The small entrance off of Connecticut Avenue ushers you into a new-folk interior complete with doughnut-lined shelves and a rustic finish. The specialty here is gourmet doughnuts—made fresh every day—and fried chicken. Yep, this is a spectacularly gluttonous experience perfect for a Sunday brunch. Check it out and order the PB&J doughnut.




Agua 301

Proximity is key, especially when you're going to a National’s game along with thousands of other fans. If you want a bite to eat that beats the stadium’s food in both price and taste, give Agua 301 a try. It is just an arm's length from the metro and right on the Anacostia River. Its fresh, ocean-infused Mexican food enjoyed right on the water's edge puts you in an instantly happy mood. Order the classic margarita and the fish tacos off of the tapas menu, and you’ll understand what I mean.




Eat, Drink, and Be Merry,

- Cole M. Vance

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