Culinary Craze

Culinary Craze

I consider myself a foodie, and so it is only fitting that I do a special post on the delicacies of D.C. Like any metropolitan city, D.C. has its great eats, but it's the hunt involved that makes these great eats particularly rewarding. D.C. is unique in that it challenges you on creating a meaningful and impactful career and also on feeding your hungry stomach. Frankly, I like the challenge, and I think it makes finding the hidden gems and getting to dive into their food all the more satisfying. To discover the restaurants that will truly satisfy, you need to dig below D.C.’s professional exterior.

The Goods

1) The Urban Butcher-Silver Spring

This hipster hangout is unparalleled in vibe and food to anything I have seen in this city. In terms of closes proximity to Washington Center living accommodations at Solaire (Silver Spring), it can't be beat; it’s just down the street. The purposefully rough-around-the-edges and rustic design make you feel refreshed and in coexistence with the non-imposing vibe of the surrounding neighborhood, without feeling like they need to sell you on the food. For those who like smoky, aged, and decadent meats from all species and great, handcrafted drinks, this is the place to go. There are tons of smoky meats and cheeses to create a charcuterie platter such as the one below. Pick your poison carefully!



2) Well Dressed Burrito-DuPont

The fun part about this restaurant is that it operates like a speakeasy-just short of a secret jingle on the door. Its small and pealing sign, and windowless entrance with an embedded door set in an inconspicuous alleyway tell the story of a true locals' spot. It's been around since the 80's and is the Cadillac of inexpensive, quick, and tantalizingly tasty Mexican food. Trust me, this one's a keeper.  I'm from California which is basically short for "best Mexican food in the U.S." Try their pulled chicken burrito below; it's delicious!




3) DAIKAYA-China Town

D.C.'s China Town can feel a little formal when the expectation is to find a unique, cultural niche within the city. Daikaya is there to shake things up both with its cooked-to-perfection cuisine and its architectural nuances. This ramen noodle house is a great example of the Japanese attention to clean, fresh, and very tasty food. Every ingredient has a purpose: nothing is left to the imagination or to be desired by the taste buds. Below is a picture of their Mugi-Miso Ramen and their fun restaurant vibe. I love this place, and so will you once you visit.




Stay hungry my friends,

Cole M. Vance

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