Blissfully Overwhelmed

Blissfully Overwhelmed

This post finds me at the midway point of my time here as a young and curious D.C. intern and student. TWC has woven me into a vast amount of resources to participate, spectate, and learn about in D.C. These opportunities paired with my drive has lead to the inundation of my typical week with colorful civic engagement and international affairs events through TWC, countless professional opportunities at my internship with Organic Marketing Analytics, a vibrant social life, invigorating political involvement, and a front row view of the country’s most prominent history.


With so much going on, I can hardly write objectively as I am not yet a world-class blogger; I am but a student. That being said, I will make a list to spill my current blissful feelings in one big extravaganza with the goal of not sounding cliché but of giving you a glimpse of a Washington student’s life.


Here is my list of 10 anecdotes, thoughts, escapades, etc. in no particular order with a little humor tossed into the mix.


1. D.C. National Zoo-I visited the D.C. National Zoo last weekend, and let me tell you, it is quite the setup. This pristine animal park adheres to the D.C. ideal of quality over quantity by focusing on showing a smaller group of unique and rare animals. Whether you are looking to get off the streets and walk the zoo’s shaded pathways or to see rare and very happy animals, I highly recommend it.




2. World Cup happy hours-Being in D.C. during the World Cup has been spectacular. After work, guys and girls alike gathered at the nearest local pub or bar to watch sports history unfold. Being a soccer bandwagoner has never been so rewarding, as made evident by the numerous World Cup brew specials enjoyed with friends.


3. Happy hour in general-I don’t think I gave enough credence to the activity of attending happy hour. I’m not specifically applauding this activity for its association with imbibing but for the networking and social advantages it offers.  Washington has a conception of this activity that is incomparably constructive and full of comradery as any other city.


4. Great Internship-My internship is very unique and has exposed me to a whole new area previously unexplored. I have become a little marketing protégé, and I know that my knowledge of marketing is going to help me in my professional life.


5. Georgetown-In the northwest area of D.C., just a short jog from the Rosslyn metro station, lies one of my getaway locations. It boasts a quaint and small-town colonial atmosphere that is hard to pass up. The shopping is also great, and the walk on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath is a stroll back in time.




6. Solaire in the morning-I really like my lodging that TWC has provided. It is in a metro-convenient and safe location. It also has the unexpected benefit of a natural alarm clock—every day the sun comes through the window at 7:00, and the metro and the sound-projecting coal train provide a prompt wake up.  I truly am thankful for not needing an alarm clock, and it goes along with this building’s LEED certified purpose.


7. Deep historical tradition-I’m somewhat of a history fanatic. There are so many metaphorical rocks of history to turnover and uncover here in D.C. The best of our nation’s history is just a metro stop away. From the President’s Park to Ford’s Theatre, D.C. is a treasure trove of historical legacy and tradition.


8. Running on the mall-My best sightseeing experiences have to be when I have run the Mall. The combination of history and scenery make this active outlet an absolute paradise. Nothing compares to making laps past the gallant Washington Monument and the sprawling WWII Memorial.


9. Cigar bars-I enjoy a cigar from time to time. D.C. has some really distinguished cigar bars clad with rich woods and scattered with plush leather chairs. You feel like a true gentleman relaxing and talking about politics in a cigar bar such as Shelly’s Backroom near the National Mall.


10. Abounding patriotism-The patriotic fervor of Washingtonians and all that visit this great place is second to none. I went to a National’s baseball game against the Brewers where we won 8-3 in the last game of the series. The nationalistic and patriotic spirit was positively spine tingling.





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