Vacation and Home Sweet Home

Vacation and Home Sweet Home

After a long, hard, cold, snowy, rainy semester in Washington D.C., there was no better way to end my journey than with my one and only best friend in Miami!! We spent an incredible four days on South Beach in the glorious sun and the fabulous beaches of Miami. After those four fun days on the beach, I am finally home in Phoenix, Arizona enjoying the company of my friends and family.


We arrived in Miami on May 10th, and after we checked in and dropped off our bags we went in search for some authentic Latin food. We stumbled upon the perfect Cuban restaurant that was absolutely delicious! After our fine dining experience we headed straight for the beach, and this sequence of events played out over the remaining four days. The dance scene was incredible, there were dancers ranging from Michael Jackson impersonators to incredible samba dancers in full costumes all dancing on top of the bar with lights, fog, and loud music. This vacation was one of the happiest times of my life, and I got to enjoy the entire trip with my beloved best friend!


Now that I have been home for a couple of weeks, everything is starting to go back to normal. I was able to enjoy some great Arizona activities such as Salt River Tubing, capoeira, movies like  X-Men and Godzilla, lounging by the pool, and eating some authentic Mexican food. However, this is almost a vacation in and of itself because I will soon be making the journey to Baltimore where I will spend my summer interning with Exelon. This spring has been one of magnificent proportions and I could not have accomplished all I have without the support of my friends and family.


I would like to give one last thank you to those who donated, listened, encouraged, and challenged me throughout this semester to embark on this life-changing path. The support of my professors at ASU for their letters of recommendations and mentorship, professor Henderson at TWC, my advisors, and most of all my friends and family. Thank you for making this possible and I look forward to sharing the journey ahead with all of you! Merci, Obrigada, Gracias TWC.










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