Nationals Baseball Game and Cosmic Conversations

Nationals Baseball Game and Cosmic Conversations

Lets just say the week of April 21st started out with a home run. As a result of the interns' hard work and dedication to our company we were all given prime seats to the Washington Nationals baseball game and we even got to bring our best friends!!! Secondly, my company sponsored an intelligence conference the following day that focused on the importance of space defense and technology. I am one of the luckiest and happiest interns to be able to share these experiences with you!


Tuesday, April 22nd, the Washington Nationals faced off with the Los Angeles Angels. I invited my best friend and roommate from France to accompany me to her very first American baseball game. I deemed the experience her American baptism; she even tried to sing the national anthem--priceless! The game was great with some hard hitters and fast pitchers, but the best part was the President’s Race in which the mascots around the stadium. If I remember correctly, Abraham Lincoln won.  After several hours of showcasing our newfound Natitude we decided to head home, but before we left we took some pictures with the President mascot and soaked up the American tradition of baseball.


Wednesday April 23rd was out of this world, literally. My company hosted a Space Defense conference near Capitol Hill, where we conversed and networked with various defense and space professionals. The dinner and distinguished speaker focused on increasing our space defense capabilities to ensure the United States remains a leader within this frontier. I enjoyed visiting with the brilliant military minds at my table and learning of their journey and accomplishments, the individuals at these events never cease to amaze me!



I am happy I attended two unique D.C. events with my fun and fabulous office friends and colleagues. Go Nats and enjoy the photos!




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