My Aunt and the Ambassador

My Aunt and the Ambassador

The week of April 7th was as lovely as any with my dear aunt Susan by my side exploring the city. In the midst of our adventures, I met Ambassador Barbara Barrett at an event at The Institute of World Politics on Tuesday April 8th.  These two women gave me their guidance and support to survive and thrive in this concrete jungle.


Tuesday was the most exciting day of the whole week, my aunt and I woke up early and decided to go to brunch at the wonderful and famous Ted’s Bulletin. My Texan heritage led me to the glorious high calorie chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes and my aunt did not stray far with her spicy BBQ chicken. Needless to say, the food was delicious and divine and hit the spot for these two southern belles! After brunching we headed to The Institute of World Politics to meet Ambassador Barbara Barrett.


Ambassador Barbara Barrett’s name is well known at Arizona State University, the Barrett Honors Program for honors students is named after her as well as a large academic building. She is a graduate of Arizona State University and an accomplished fighter pilot, trained astronaut, a Reagan and Bush presidential appointee within the aeronautics industry and the former ambassador to Finland. I reached out to Mrs. Barrett through LinkedIn and in simple terms introduced myself and hoped she would accept my request. To my surprise she accepted and I quickly wrote a response about my upcoming journey to Washington D.C. through TWC. She was kind and gracious and agreed we would find a time to discuss navigating the wild world of Washington D.C. This was in January and the time to meet had finally arrived. I found the Institute, where we listened to an expert present his findings about the plane crash that killed the Polish President in 2009.  Subsequent to the presentation Mrs. Barrett and I discussed her rise to the top and how she became involved with the political process through the Republican Party in Arizona and how it led to the evolution of her prosperous career. It was truly an honor to have met Mrs. Barrett and to continue to develop our friendship in the future.


Lastly, it was time to say au revoir to my treasured aunt Susan we left for Reagan International Airport bright and early Wednesday morning. While we passed the time and numerous stops on the Metro we reminisced about the time we were able to share in our nation’s capital. Although we had both visited previously and seen all the monuments and museums, this trip was able to capture the culture and beauty within the city. Visiting Eastern Market where Ted’s Bulletin is tucked away, sightseeing and enjoying sushi in Chinatown, and last but not least the timeless Monocle where my aunt bonded with local residents. This was a moment in time we will both treasure and what an honor to have two prestigious women guiding me through this concrete jungle.


Susan and me on the D.C. Metro


Kennedy and Nixon- Susan and Elizabeth at the Monocle


Ambassador Barbara Barrett and me at The Institute of World Politics

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