The Cherry Blossom Experience

The Cherry Blossom Experience

The Cherry Blossom Festival was surreal. Washington D.C. was brought to life with sunshine and beautiful pink flowers along every major street. Their petals floated through the air glistening as the rays of sun illuminated their descent, and the whole city burst into life to celebrate their arrival. The Japanese based festival is one I wish you could have all been here to experience, but I will do my best to bring it back to life through this blog!


It was Saturday morning and my roommate and I decided to leave early so we could catch the parade; however, we arrived right after it finished! For starters, the Metro was PACKED with people. Everywhere you looked, there were hoards of families with strollers and backpacks complete with screaming children making traveling slightly frustrating. Although we arrived slightly after the parade ended, that did not stop my roommate and me from having tons of fun.


Although the official Cherry Blossom Festival was sectioned off and required an entry fee, we were still able to enjoy many of the festivities from outside the fence. For example, there was an ancient samurai swordsmanship display complete with both the sticks and the real swords. Further down there were Geishas and traditional Japanese dancers with the hand fans which was colorful and exciting. However, the funniest part of the festival were the various Americans of all shapes and sizes wearing traditional Kimonos and wooden sandals with socks--some inevitably looked ridiculous!


After taking in the many sights and performances of the festival downtown, we were famished! I decided I would take my roommate, who is from France, to a traditional and iconic American restaurant, The Hard Rock Café! During the long wait for a table, we looked at the various art and costumes that had been donated and autographed by various rock stars, including guitars, pictures, and even jumpsuits. Our buzzer finally buzzed and we were whisked off to our table to order our scrumptious burgers! We both ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger with French fries and after a long day of walking and spectating they hit the spot.



We decided to end our day napping under the cherry blossoms on the lawn of the Capitol, and honestly I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. As I looked up through the cherry blossom trees, rays of sunshine came through, illuminating the hundreds of flower petals falling from the trees. As I closed my eyes and felt the warm sunshine on my skin and the petals lightly falling around me, I thanked God for the opportunity to be in our nation’s capital and the all-consuming beauty which surrounded me. I will remember this moment for a lifetime and I thank everyone who helped make this possible! Enjoy all the selfies and smiles!


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