The Best Things in Life are Free

The Best Things in Life are Free

My roommate and I kicked off the weekend of April 25th with some Latin music and shimmy shaking at Café Citron in Dupont Circle. Sunday funday was spent at The National Zoo with the lions, tigers, and panda bears. This blog is meant to highlight that although D.C. is an expensive city, sometimes it does not cost a thing to have a phenomenal weekend!


Café Citron in Dupont Circle is a quaint 3-story restaurant with a basement bar and dance floor for free salsa dance lessons on Fridays. Since my roommate and I are single, we decided to be each other’s dance partner. Naturally…I was the “male” or leader and she was the leading lady. To be honest, I thought we would be learning the basics of salsa and maybe the men would learn how to spin the girl. Thank goodness I was wrong. The salsa teacher was amazing, and we learned some sexy, advanced moves that were show-stopping. We had copious amounts of fun and after we perfected the moves together, we switched it up and continued dancing into the night with lively music and great partners.




The weekend ended with a trip to the National Zoo. It's something I have wanted to see since I arrived, but because of the unpredictable weather it was delayed until this weekend. The zoo was buzzing with families and friends, and there were more exotic animals than I expected. There were literally lions, tigers, bears, wolves, reptiles, seals, otters, and elephants--each as mysterious as the one before. We were lucky enough to hear the lions roar and see the tigers play, as well as meet the newest addition to the zoo: the baby panda.  It was a beautiful day, and after hours of walking through exhibits and along jungle paths, we finally headed home on our beloved Metro.


I admit that Washington D.C. is an expensive city, but if you have the right attitude and strategy, anyone can enjoy the nation’s capital. It is true; the best things in life are the friendship I have with my best friend, the view of Capitol Hill, dancing with a new partner, or enjoying the company of the lions and tigers at the National Zoo.





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