April Blossoms

April Blossoms

The first weekend of April was by far one of the best. With perfect sunny skies and the cherry blossoms beginning to bloom, the city is transforming before my eyes. There is almost a new happier conscience among D.C. residents--an extra pep in their step and smile on their faces with the arrival of spring!


This weekend April 4-6 was spectacular. Saturday was full of activities from dawn until dusk. Bright and early in the morning my roommate and I went to the Washington Monument to participate in a free yoga session as part of the Cherry Blossom Festival! There were hundreds and hundreds of yogis on the National Mall--each of us uniting in a Zen like state to achieve peace and serenity and of course have a little fun!


After stretching, twisting, and turning all morning my roommate and I were off to brunch at Eastern Market. We came across Pacifico Cantina, an amazing authentic Mexican restaurant. As a result of the lovely weather we had a rooftop dining experience complete with sunshine and some fierce wind but none the less enjoyable. The food was magnificent and anyone and everyone in D.C. should go there at least once!!


After brunch and a long Metro ride back home, my roommate and I decided to go do some light tanning/sun napping outside. The sun felt great and wearing sun glasses was such a treat! As day turned to night, my friend and I decided to go to the local Irish Pub by our house called Looneys. The day ended with lots of epic dancing!


Sunday was also another great day. My aunt flew into town for several days this week, and what better way to introduce a family member to D.C. than with a ride on the Metro! Due to my best friend's and my incredible dining experience at Pacifico Cantina, we decided it would be a great idea to take my aunt there to experience the authentic Mexican food, and it was a hit! Now we have the rest of the week to look forward to exploring D.C. together and finding our own treasures within the city! Until next week, take time to stop and enjoy the cherry blossoms while they are here! Namaste




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Hundreds of Yogis


Mexican Food


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