Action-Packed Adventures

Action-Packed Adventures

The week began with Mardi Gras (French for Fat Tuesday), transitioned into foreign policy, tangoed into the weekend, and ended with a family reunion brunch at the famous Ted’s Bulletin. Each experience contributed to a fun-filled, action-packed week of adventure and memories.


Tuesday March 4th was Mardi Gras. My Southern roots beckoned me to celebrate and as a result I found the Bourbon Street Bash at Rumours Bar! The night featured a live jazz band, authentic Creole jambalaya and gumbo, along with a wing eating competition. The bar was the most exciting Mardi Gras experience in D.C. and numerous professionals attended the bash. At the beginning of the night, I met a woman from France and spoke French for at least half the night (always a great night when I can speak French). After hours of great food, dancing, and drinks, I called it a night--especially because it was a Tuesday! I can honestly say it was worth loosing the extra hours of sleep… after all, Mardi Gras only comes along once a year.


Thursday March 6th was the Sitting at the Table: Women in Peace Keeping event hosted by Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. Prestigious speakers included: Rafif Jouejati, Director of FREE-Syria, Don Steinberg, President of World Learning and former Ambassador to Angola, and Angelic Young, Senior Coordinator of Resolution to Act at the Institute for Inclusive Security. The panelists educated audience members about the significance of including women in peace keeping processes and how if they are not included, peace keeping agreements will most likely fail and many times war and strife will return to the same regions. The panelists were enlightening and I am currently working on ways to incorporate their knowledge into my research paper’s policy recommendations. Stay tuned!


Friday was delightful, with the Argentinian Tango event presented by The International Club of D.C. The night began with our expert tango teachers showing us the basics, and then we tried our skills with multiple partners. After finding a great experienced partner, I danced the night away and even tried some fancy footwork with my new friend!



Last but not least, my cousin Landon and his wife Amanda ventured down from New York! This was by far the best part of the whole weekend after all they were my very first visitors in D.C. and we chose to celebrate with brunch at Ted’s Bulletin and what a great choice it was!!! Ted’s is a little hole in the wall in the Eastern Market metro area. They serve some amazing comfort food as demonstrated in the picture below! Spending time with my cousin was so precious--reminiscing about our favorite memories, drama, and the goals we look forward to in our future together! I cannot express how meaningful this reunion was and I cannot WAIT to see them in THE BIG APPLE!!!!! Until next time my friends, family, and followers, keep keeping on!







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