What is Spring Break Anyways?

What is Spring Break Anyways?

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Now that I have officially been living at TWC for about two months I have realized a number of things. Most importantly, this is not exactly your typical semester in college. Not only do I work 35 hours per week but I'm constantly on the move both physically and mentally. Flexibility has become quite a key to success. Mentality is everything; with positivity, anything is possible.


Throughout this past week every single one of my different social media outlets have been flooded with pictures of all of my friends and sorority sisters from home on a beach somewhere wearing nothing but bikinis. As I walked through the snow in DC all bundled up in my down coat, I briefly imagined what it would be like to be nice and warm in nothing but a bikini. Despite the snow and consistent changes in the DC weather, I have realized that although spring break is nice, I did not really have much motivation to leave DC. Luckily, this positivity has allowed me to disregard the fact that TWC does not give its students a spring break, and for a great reason as well: why leave DC? I cannot think of a reason to leave the city that has already offered me so many incredible opportunities! Besides, what is Spring Break anyways?


I'd rather be sitting in the National Archives listening to a forum on "Women in Congressional Leadership!"


From Left: Former Congresswoman Morella, Kennelly, Bono, Braun and Lincoln.


Plus, if I were on a beach somewhere it would be fairly unlikely that I would have the opportunity to have my questions about running for office answered by Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi! TWC's mission to foster leadership and civic engagement is definitely a value which I hope to represent not only this semester, but for the rest of my life. These congresswomen were not only inspiring as political leaders, but as individuals as well. This multifaceted discussion covered everything from current issues and bills being deliberated in the House and Senate as well as their personal lives. Each of these Congresswoman's stories was diverse and unique in inspiring ways. Their devotion to serving the public was undoubtedly genuine and I found their willingness to answer even the tough, partisan and highly controversial questions to be quite eloquent. As an aspiring attorney, my interest in the legislative process is continually increasing as I learn more about the opportunities to get involved here in Washington DC.

Who knows what 2040 will hold?


As for the weekend, we celebrated my roommate, Justine's 21st Birthday!

We had a ball! We decorated the entire apartment, made her a cake and even got party poppers to commemorate the stroke of midnight. It was great to celebrate with both my roommates and our other friends at TWC.


As it turns out, our lack of spring break did not really affect our ability to have a great time! In fact, our weekend was extended by the lovely blizzard that rolled in and caused the entire federal government to shut down... meaning... another snow day! With work and classes cancelled we decided to go to the St. Patrick's Day parade which was downtown. Everyone was quite festive, even on the metro!



It was great to ring in St. Patty's Day with my favorite ladies at TWC! Although they did not throw moon pies like the typical parades that I have become used to, the cultural aspect was definitely a great alternative. There were a variety of dancers from different schools, including some children enrolled in Irish Dance Schools. The entire city was wearing green and feeling jollier than ever!


From Left: Lauren, Olivia, Justine, Nikki & Myself


It was great to ring in St. Patty's Day with my favorite ladies!


Photo Credit: Lauren Millsaps


The week and weekend were both a blast. I love interning, attending forums, seminars and classes just as much as I enjoy celebrating and gallivanting through the arch at Federal Triangle. So why doesn't The Washington Center give its students a 'Spring Break?' My answer: because we do not even need one. Perhaps that is the beauty of this program. At least in my eyes, I do not see a real reason to leave a city as incredible as the one that I am currently living in.


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