A Snowy Valentine's Day

A Snowy Valentine's Day

The academic update for this week is progressing, as my courses, internship and civic engagement project continue to intertwine, my mind is perceiving in ways that I did not know existed. I keep falling more in love with The Washington Center's program and its message. Furthermore, my current projects at the DOJ, based in the white-collar fraud division, are progressing as I continue to spend less time learning and more time understanding. However, the snow allowed my brain to take a few days off and indulge in a very different kind of weekend.



"One man with courage is a majority."

-Thomas Jefferson


I had never missed school or work because of the snow. However, this weekend was kicked off by a city-wide shutdown due to the lovely blizzard that allowed me to experience a legitimate "snow day." I absolutely love the snow. Perhaps that is the Floridian in me compensating for the past 20 years of my life which I spent dreading hurricane season and longing for a real winter. Well, Thursday night I found myself nearly alone in downtown DC in the middle of a blizzard; I loved every second of it. I was gallivanting through the swiftly falling snow in my rain boots. Once I laid eyes on the Jefferson Memorial, I felt a chill, and it was not from the cold, but from the sight. I was in awe. Thinking back, the snow day definitely kicked off one of the greatest Valentine's Days to date.


I woke up the next morning even more excited to go to work than usual. Why? Because Valentine's Day is by far my favorite day of the year. I prefer to disregard what the Facebook world has to say about Valentine's Day because, simply put, I do not care. I see Valentine's Day as the one day per year that the vast majority of people in America feel it necessary to show who they love exactly why they love them. I know I do. I might be the first person to wear hot pink at the DOJ and I think that it was appreciated -- at least by the security guards. I made cupcakes for the Consumer Protection Branch and wrote notes to my advisers. One may see this as trivial or unnecessary but, believe it or not, Valentine's Day is not only about romance, but about appreciation and compassion for other people in your life as well.


I suppose a little romance is nice as well..


This Valentine's Day was different though. I was able to enjoy the snow, the city, my internship, friends and an exquisite dinner at Floriana in Dupont (if you like Italian, then you will really enjoy this restaurant)! And still, even all of these unique factors did not change my Valentine mindset. If anything, DC brought to light an entirely new aspect to my typical Valentine's Day appreciation: observing others. I love, love. Despite my logical nature, I really appreciate seeing other people overwhelmed with happiness.


Tonight, I was not even thinking about how great the Valentine Weekend was. I was actually thinking about a name for my civic engagement group when one of my peers brought up the idea of love and compassion, in light of the past few days. I think that was when it hit me; I cannot believe that a group of students from half way across the world wanted to discuss love in a cross-cultural sense. So ultimately, if it takes a "Hallmark" holiday to remind the world around us to love and appreciate everyone in our lives, I will take it.


Testing Sprinkles and Georgetown Cupcakes!


I spent 2 hours baking, 30 minutes walking through the snow, 20 minutes with two dozen cupcakes on the metro, 7 hours in and out of meetings and working on trial prep, to come home to roses, dinner and a late night attempt at watching House of Cards. So my Snowy Valentine's Day was different. But these differences made it a wonderful version of perfection.


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