Fun, Fries & Foreign Policy

Fun, Fries & Foreign Policy

Recently I have been recognizing that after a long week of programming, academics and interning, all my body wants to do is sleep. Here's the problem: my mind is not tired whatsoever. So I could stay in bed and enjoy my time by relaxing... or I could overcome the 45-minute post-internship slump and just keep going. What do you think I did? Since this whole blog thing is still pretty new, I'll give you a hint -- the mind is far more powerful than the body.

Define Fun. Well, I think that the concept of fun varies based on the individual. Luckily, Webster's Dictionary provides a lovely definition:

Fun (noun)

1. someone or something that is amusing or enjoyable

2. the feeling of being amused or entertained


My idea of fun is in part derived from this definition, but there are some key differences. The word fun puts an immediate image in my mind: spending time with people who make me laugh. In fact, these folks that I am thinking of have already begun to remind me that this relative term, "fun," can happen during LCJ programming, breakfast at the RAF, and even on the Metro. So, my first shout out goes to this group for never ceasing to explore the definition of fun.


Happy 21st Birthday Olivia!!!

(From Left: Nikki, Jeremy, Justine, Olivia, & Collin)


Secondly, fun is not always a planned event. Sometimes the best days happen unexpectedly This past week I spent some time exploring DC on foot. I traded in 'Siri' for my lovely friend Lauren, and it was a great decision. We explored the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Library of Congress and ultimately walked around the Hall of Presidents like two peas in a pod.


"In our progress towards political happiness my station is new...

I walk on untrodden ground."

-President George Washington



We concluded our lovely Saturday afternoon with a nice, healthy meal. If you have not been here yet, or if you want to live in DC at some point, the place to be is:


(Lauren and I ate in the snow and loved it!)


The FRENCH FRIES from Shake Shack


As much as I really love having fun and eating fries, I love learning more. Every morning that I go through the security checkpoint and enter the Department of Justice (DOJ) I cannot help but to smile like a child on Christmas morning. Growing up, my father would constantly tell me about how much he loved to work. As I progressed through my adolescent years I began to understand his dinnertime stories more and more. My father did not consider his profession to be work; he considered it to be fun. Once I get out of the elevator and walk across the 6th floor, I realize that for some it is time to start working. For me, similar to my father, I know that it is time to have fun.


Foreign policy is like eating a large order of fries. Once can most certainly eat a ton of French fries in 10 minutes, but will probably be feeling sickly afterwards. Similarly, one can learn about the United States' foreign policy in relation to Japan and China in 10 minutes, but will probably feel confused and conflicted afterwards. The solution is time. As I read hundreds of pages regarding policies, ideals and institutions from around the world, my mind was beginning to feel as though I had eaten way too many French fries in a short amount of time. The complexity of the world increases with every bit of knowledge that one acquires and, thus, it is easy to become overloaded with information. The key is to remember that things are better in moderation.


Living in DC has unified concepts that I would have never related if asked three weeks ago. However, now I see the connection between eating French fries and understanding foreign policy: both are attainable and both are best utilized in moderation. As for fun, although depicted by Webster's dictionary as a noun, this concept is ever changing. I hope to show exactly how multifaceted this definition truly is throughout my time in DC. Here's my final thought after listening to U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder:


"Good words are backed up by our good deeds."

-U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder


Until Next Time,


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