To Do Lists!

To Do Lists!

Every single day I write a "to do" list. I am convinced that I have developed this habit in part because of my innate desire to plan, but also because of my familial upbringing. Prior to moving to DC, I spent a few weeks helping out at my father's office. One day I found what appeared to be my father's very own "to do" list. As it sat motionless on his desk I felt as though my entire world had just come together like perfectly fitting pieces of a puzzle. Now, while I write my "to do" list on the DC metro heading towards Shady Grove I think back to my father's yellow legal pad and multiple colored highlighters. I cannot help but to smile because now I know exactly where I get it from. I suppose that in my case, the idiom makes perfect sense, as "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."


Naturally, the DC lifestyle is a bit more upbeat and intense when compared to my Floridian mindset. I love it here. My daily "to do" list is consistently packed with assignments for USF, TWC and my internship at the DOJ. However, my on-going "DC To Do List" is by far my favorite. Recently I was able to cross three items off this list:


1. Sunset Run



Running in DC is not necessarily all about the exercise, but also about the incredible sights to be seen. I ran from the RAF and through the National Mall. As I ran past the Capitol, Supreme Court of the United States and the Library of Congress it dawned on me how incredibly fortunate I am to be living in this city. I definitely suggest going for a run around sunset to see the best views of these monuments!


2. National Symphony Orchestra


From the left: Will, Myself, Lauren and Eric


Even if you are not a huge fan of classical music, the Kennedy Center itself is quite a sight to see. After listening to the National Symphony Orchestra's performances of Beethoven's Symphonies along with talented violinist, Christian Tetzlaff, we enjoyed an incredible view of the Potomac River. This was the perfect end to a lovely night.


3. Visit Alexandria, Virginia



I am a huge fan of Old Town Alexandria, which is a small town located right outside of DC. In fact, you can even take the metro to venture out of the city for a nice day trip and a change of pace. Immediately, Alexandria reminded me of my hometown, Pensacola, FL. The people were so incredibly nice and even strangers would strike up a conversation with me. Alexandria's historically rich history dates back to the initial boundaries of the federal district in 1791. Walking through Jones Point Park, the view was breathtaking!



Checking these three activities off of my on-going "to do" list was a relief. One of the best parts about living in Washington, DC is having the opportunity to take full advantage of everything surrounding me inside and outside of the city! Sometimes it is refreshing to put aside my daily "to do" list and, as it turns out, the best adventures that I have had in DC thus far have occurred on the days when I have ignored my "to do" list entirely. The excitement of hopping on the metro and heading to new places does not get old; neither does buying tickets to try something new. In a sense, I have recognized that my academic and professional responsibilities are vital, but exploring new things in this area is an important opportunity that I do not want to miss. After all, I am pursuing a balanced life, so exploration is simply my chosen means to achieve it.


Even though I am pretty far away from home, I do not feel homesick. I know that each time I check off a task on my "to do" list, my dad is 965 miles away doing the same thing.


"Maybe there is another who sees life not as a flickering candle but as a torch that can illuminate an undiscoverable world."

-Jimmy Buffett


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