Curls, Cabs & Cherry Blossoms

Curls, Cabs & Cherry Blossoms

It is officially spring here in Washington, DC and I could not be any happier! April has always been my favorite month of the year. However, this April is particularly significant because I am spending in it here in DC. There are two very important countdowns that April has to offer. First of all, in 10 days I will be 21 years old. Secondly, in 13 days I will be joined in DC by my three closest friends: Jeronimo, Rhiannon, and Wesley. To top that off, my parents and sister (Rebecca) will be joining me as well. Thus, this April has the potential to be the greatest month of my life thus far, and I could not be more excited to share my experiences and stories with everyone.


"Short hair is a political statement."

-Laurie Penny


Photo Credit: Mr. Joe, on behalf of TWC


The politics of hair is constantly evolving. Prior to moving to DC, I donated 12 inches of my hair to Locks for Love. Once I arrived here in the city I began to notice that in the legal field especially, the vast majority of women tend to have short hair. The controversy regarding straight vs. curly hair definitely plays a role on the Hill as well. Professionalism is vital and, believe it or not, one's hairstyle is often an aspect that is judged and analyzed by those around you. Straight hair has recently been categorized as polished and more professional than curly hair. However, it was not until recently that I began to appreciate my naturally straight hair. Despite the legal and political professional aspects, I prefer to curl my hair for fun.


Moving on: there are plenty of cabs in DC but not all cabs are created equal. If you have never heard of Uber then go on your phone, click on the app store and download this app because it will legitimately change your life. The traditional concept of standing on the side of the road and attempting to flag down a cab by throwing your hands in the air is not quite as effective in DC. Uber offers a more contemporary and efficient mechanism. By simply clicking on the app and pressing the UberX button a driver in any kind of car (from Honda to Mercedes) will be at your beck and call within a few minutes. Basically, Uber presents the concept of professional and personal drivers at the click of a button! I am a big fan of this app, as it has allowed me to navigate DC on days when public transportation is overcrowded and slow. Regardless, if you prefer the basic cab then DC has plenty of those as well:


Photo Credit: Ms. Lauren Millsaps


I would classify my obsession with the month of April as being moderate; but I when it comes to the color pink... well that is just unmistakable and extravagant obsession. It is more than a favorite color to say the least. One of the best parts about spending the spring at TWC is the change of seasons. Winter offered plenty of snowy days and cold nights, but spring offers the opportunity to see the city in shades of pink! I kicked off this spring with a few of my friends at the opening ceremony of the National Cherry Blossom Festival!


Photo Credit: Ms. Lauren Millsaps


I spent this past weekend falling in love with DC all over again. Not only does the city transform in the spring, but the people here seem to change as well. This winter was long and grueling, but now that spring has officially sprung, everyone seems so much happier and full of life. I also spent time this weekend explaining to many different people the significance of the Sakura, which is Japanese for Cherry Blossom along with its symbol of rebirth. I feel as though that is exactly what these blooms have done for my outlook. They represent the upcoming milestones that lie ahead for me and this past weekend reminded me of the importance of my optimistic and determined state of mind that has emerged for the spring in full effect and with a splash of pink!


Additionally, the Japanese Street Festival, Sakura Matsuri, showcased the significance and varieties that  Japanese culture, especially here in DC, has offer. I spent some time during the festival volunteering at the TOMODACHI booth, which was sponsored by the United States Japan Council (USJC). It was a privilege to share my experience and perspective to other students, as I encourage anyone who is interested in learning about Japanese culture to get involved with the many opportunities that USJC has to offer! The connection between the Japanese Festival and the Cherry Blossom Festival is often forgotten, but I believe that Japan's gift of the Cherry Blossom trees to the United States back in 1912 is a gesture of friendship that should never be forgotten.


Photo Credit: Ms. Justine Mitchell


Curls, Cabs and Cherry Blossoms have each definitely played a role in the beauty of spring here in DC and I am looking forward to embarking on more adventures within the upcoming weeks as we begin the home stretch here at The Washington Center. But at the same time, I feel as though my DC journey is not anywhere near its ending. Surprises are still in store...


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